(English translation prepared by
the Legislative Council Secretariat
for Members' reference only)

(Letterhead of Legislative Councillor LAU Chin-shek's Office)

11 January 1999

Dr Hon LEONG Che-hung
Chairman of the House Committee
Legislative Council

Dear Dr LEONG,

Progress report for motion carried in the Legislative Council

The motion on "Rehousing all cage home lodgers and single persons" moved by me was unanimously carried at the Legislative Council meeting on 14 October 1998. However, from the progress report prepared by the Government (please see LC Paper No. CB(3)1051/98-99), which I have just received, I note that the Government shows a total disregard for the concrete requests raised in the motion (including the specific request for rehousing all cage home lodgers). This is undoubtedly an act of disrespect for the opinion of the whole Council. Therefore, I hope the House Committee could follow up the issue, in order that the specific requests made by Legislative Councillors can be taken seriously by the Government.

May I seek your agreement to include the above issue in the agenda of the House Committee meeting on 15 January 1999. Thank you.

(TSOI Yiu-cheong)
for Hon LAU Chin-shek