Legislative Council

Paper No. CB(2) 56/98-99

Ref: CB2/DB/G
Paper for the House Committee Meeting
on 24 July 1998

Meetings-cum-luncheons with Provisional District Board Members


This paper invites Members to consider and endorse the proposed arrangements for regular meetings-cum-luncheons with members of the Provisional District Boards (PDBs).


2 Meetings-cum-luncheons have been organised since mid 1980s for Members of the Legislative Council to meet members of the District Boards on a regular basis to exchange views on matters of mutual concern. Over the years, this arrangement has proved to be a useful means to enhance communication between the legislature and District Boards on local issues which may have implications on territory-wide policies and to facilitate deliberation on legislative and policy proposals which affect the community as a whole.

Proposed arrangements

3 It is proposed that the meetings-cum-luncheons described above be held between November 1998 and December 1999. As the term of office of PDB members will end not later than 31 December 1999, a schedule has been drawn up in the Appendix under which one cycle of meetings with all the 18 PDBs can be completed by early December 1999. On each occasion, two meetings are to take place concurrently in different conference rooms, followed by a joint luncheon for members of both PDBs.

4 Members will be divided into groups each comprising nine or 10 Members to attend meetings with PDB members on a roster basis. Meetings with those PDBs which belong to the same geographical constituency have been arranged to be held on different dates so as to enable Members elected from geographical constituencies to meet as many PDBs of their respective constituencies as possible.

Consultation with the Administration and PDBs

5 As the Home Affairs Bureau is involved in assisting the PDBs in preparing for these meetings, the Director of Home Affairs has been asked to consult the 18 PDBs. Both the Administration and the PDBs have confirmed their agreement to the arrangements proposed above and the schedule of meetings in the Appendix.

Advice sought

6 Members are invited to endorse the arrangements for meetings-cum-luncheons with members of PDBs as proposed in paragraphs 3 and 4 above.

Legislative Council Secretariat
22 July 1998



Legislative Council Members'
Meetings-cum-Luncheons with Provisional District Board Members


Two meetings held concurrently at different venues
with a joint luncheon afterwards

Provisional District BoardDate of Meeting*

1. North5 November 1998
2. Central & Western5 November 1998
3. Sai Kung17 December 1998
4. Kowloon City17 December 1998
5. Southern21 January 1999
6. Tuen Mun21 January 1999
7. Tai Po25 February 1999
8. Yau Tsim Mong25 February 1999
9. Sham Shui Po8 April 1999
10. Eastern8 April 1999
11. Tsuen Wan6 May 1999
12. Wan Chai6 May 1999
13. Kwun Tong10 June 1999
14. Kwai Tsing10 June 1999
15. Shatin4 November 1999
16. Islands4 November 1999
17. Wong Tai Sin2 December 1999
18. Yuen Long2 December 1999

* All meetings will be held on Thursday. They will start at 10:45 a.m., followed by luncheon from about 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.