Subcommittee on regulations relating to Occupational Safety and Health

bulletLegislative Council Brief

bulletContent of the subsidiary legislation

  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Confined Spaces) Regulation
  Construction Sites (Safety) (Amendment) Regulation 1998
  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Medical Examinations) Regulation
  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Amendment) Regulation 1999
  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Work in Compressed Air) (Amendment) Regulation 1999
  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Carcinogenic Substances) (Amendment) Regulation 1999
  Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Asbestos) (Amendment) Regulation 1999

bulletLegal Service Division Report

  LS 229/98-99
  LS 52/98-99
  LS 33/98-99

bulletConsidered by the House Committee at the following meetings

  23 June 2000
  16 June 2000
  2 July 1999
  26 February 1999
  8 January 1999
  25 September 1998
  18 September 1998


Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo (Chairman)
Hon HO Sai-chu, SBS, JP
Hon Cyd HO Sau-lan
Hon Michael HO Mun-ka
Hon LEE Cheuk-yan
Hon LEE Kai-ming, SBS, JP
Dr Hon LUI Ming-wah, JP
Hon Ronald ARCULLI, JP
Hon CHAN Wing-chan
Dr Hon LEONG Che-hung, JP
Hon TAM Yiu-chung, GBS, JP


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The meeting has been rescheduled from 2 March 2000 to 8 March 2000