Legislative Council

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Electronic Transactions Bill
Invitation of submissions

The Electronic Transactions Bill ("The Bill") was introduced into the Legislative Council on 14 July 1999. The Bills Committee on Electronic Transactions Bill ("Bills Committee") now invites comments on the Bill.

The object of the Bill is to provide a statutory framework for the conduct of electronic transactions in Hong Kong. It aims to -

  1. give electronic records and digital signatures used in electronic transactions the same legal status as that of their paper-based counterparts; and

  2. establish a framework to promote and facilitate the operation of certification authorities so as to ensure trust and security in electronic transactions.
Interested parties are invited to submit their views to the Clerk to the Bills Committee on Electronic Transactions Bill and to indicate whether they intend to make oral presentation to the Bills Committee.

The relevant address, fax and telephone numbers, and e-mail address are as follows:

Address: Clerk to Bills Committee
on Electronic Transactions Bill
Legislative Council Secretariat
8 Jackson Road
Hong Kong
Fax. No. : 2869 6794
Tel. No. :2869 9215 or 2869 9244
E-mail Address:mloo@legco.gov.hk

The deadline for submission will be Friday, 5 November 1999.