Legislative Council

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill
Invitation of submissions

The Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill ("the Bill") was introduced into the Legislative Council on 28 April 1999. The Bills Committee on the Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill ("Bills Committee") now invites comments on the Bill.

The object of this Bill is to provide for-

  1. the transfer of all existing property, rights, liabilities, functions and powers of the Provisional Municipal Councils to the Government or designated public officers;

  2. the repeal of the Provisional Urban Council Ordinance and the Provisional Regional Council Ordinance;

  3. the formation of a new Liquor Licensing Board and a Licensing Appeals Board in place of existing boards and committees under the Provisional Municipal Councils performing similar licensing and review functions;

  4. the formation of a Municipal Services Appeals Board in place of the existing Urban Services Appeals Board and Regional Services Appeals Board;

  5. a new fee-setting mechanism for various fees and charges related to municipal services; and

  6. the deletion of certain obsolete provisions in the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Chapter 132) and its subsidiary legislation and the repeal of duplicate subsidiary legislation.
Interested parties are invited to submit their views to the Clerk to the Bills Committee on Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill, and to indicate whether they intend to make oral representation to the Bills Committee in the morning of 22 October 1999.

The relevant address and telephone numbers are as follows :

Address:Clerk to Bills Committee on Provision of Municipal Services (Reorganization) Bill
Legislative Council Secretariat
8 Jackson Road

Hong Kong

(Fax No: 2509 9055)

Tel: 2869 9264 or 2869 9252

The deadline for submission will be Monday,18 October 1999.