Provision of Resources for Sports Facilities and Training


This paper outlines the current position on the provision of sports facilities and training and related resources.

Provision of Sports Facilities and Training

2. In the provision of sports facilities and training and related resources, Government's broad aims are -

  • to provide support to enable the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) to meet the training and competitive needs of our top athletes

  • to support sports training provided by the National Sports Associations (NSAs)

  • to make available a wide choice of sports facilities to the general public and to competitive sportsmen and women

Funding Support for HKSI

3. Government has been providing an annual subvention to the Hong Kong Sports Development Board (SDB) since 1990-91. Starting from the current financial year, Government also provides funding support for the HKSI elite training programme. Out of the subvention of $192.78 million for 1998-99, the SDB is expected to allocate at least $60 million to this programme.

Funding Support to NSAs

4. The SDB allocates grants to the NSAs to cover their personnel, office and sports training and programme expenses, and some of these come from Government subvention. The amount allocated in 1998-99 is estimated to be around $70 million. In addition, the Provisional Municipal Councils (PMCs) also subsidize the NSAs through joint sports programmes.

5. To help the SDB to implement its strategic plan for 1996-2000 and to provide financial support to the HKSI elite training programme, the subvention provided to the Board has been increased from $78.4 million in 1996-97 to $192.78 million in 1998-99, representing an increase of 146%.

Provision of Sports Facilities

6. The PMCs are the main providers of sports and recreational facilities in Hong Kong using their own resources. Government is responsible for providing territory-wide facilities, including major venues such as stadia. The HKSI provides an environment for the training of our elite athletes. Its main sports facilities include those for badminton, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, judo, soccer, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, and wushu.

7. With regard to the provision of additional major sports venues, our aim is to complete a study of strategic sports and recreational venue requirements in Hong Kong, including the need for a major new stadium by 1999-2000. According to Chapter 4 of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines, the provision of additional indoor or outdoor stadia is to be based on need. Should the need for the provision of a new stadium be established, we would consult government bureaux and departments concerned on land allocation and strategic planning issues, identify suitable funding sources and work out a programme for the implementation of the project.

The Way Forward

8. The government is aware of the general concerns long expressed by the sports community over the problems of overlapping responsibility and co-ordination among the PMCs and the SDB in the promotion of sport, particularly in the use of the Councils' facilities for sports training and the provision of funding support to the NSAs. In this connection, we are now devising a new institutional framework for the provision of sports facilities and training, among others, following the proposed dissolution of the two PMCs which will, inter alia -

  1. ensure the effective use of resources, including the sports facilities; and

  2. facilitate the effective formulation and implementation of policies and programmes, including those related to sports training.

Home Affairs Bureau
5 March 1999