Provisional Regional Council

Provision of Resources for Sports Facilities, Training and Promotion


This paper sets out the Provisional Regional Council's policy and resources for sports facilities, training and promotion.


2. The Provisional Regional Council (Pro RC) is empowered under the Regional Council Ordinance (Cap. 385) to provide, promote, sponsor, assist or collaborate with any person or group of persons in the organization of demonstrations, displays, or competitions of and training for sports for the general public, and to establish and maintain facilities for recreation and sports activities.


3. To encourage and to provide opportunities for the general public to participate in sports activities, the Pro RC builds and manages a comprehensive range of sports facilities (at Annex). Pro RC will continue to introduce a variety of new sports facilities for public use. A good example is the purpose-built golf centre in Tuen Mun, the first public golf facilities in Hong Kong. Pro RC plans to develop more sports and recreation facilities for all ages, including holiday camps and innovative swimming facilities. The fees and hire charges for Pro RC's facilities are set at a level well affordable to the public. In view of the economic downturns, the Pro RC froze its fees and charges in 1998/99 and 1999/2000.


4. In furtherance of its commitment to the development of sports, the Pro RC plays an active role in facilitating other sports organizations in running their own sports training programmes, including financial subsidy to the National Sports Associations (NSAs). Through the Sports Subsidy Scheme, training opportunities are now provided for over fifty sports. In the light of such factors as the development potential of individual sports and the provision and location of related facilities, the Pro RC's will in its Sports Subsidy Scheme put more emphasis on systematic training for the young participants of water sports like windsurfing and rowing. These training programmes will form a broad base from which talents can be identified for further development by the NSAs. Additionally, the Pro RC will continue to strengthen the sports exchange with the Mainland and organize high-standard sports activities at Pro RC venues.

SPORTS PROMOTION 5. The Pro RC's policy on sports development is to promote sports for all by introducing a wide variety of sports (ranging from learn-to-play courses, sport fun days/ carnivals to district competitions) to cater for needs of different sectors and all age groups of the community in the Pro RC areas. In particular, the Council will continue to provide tailor-made programmes for target groups such as children, older persons, people with disabilities and residents in remote villages. These sports promotion activities are either free of charge (e.g. fun days/carnivals) or with fees set at a level affordable to the public. It is the Council's mission to provide opportunities for the community at large to use their leisure time by joining the sports promotion activities which, in long run, will benefit their physical and mental well-being.


6. Pro RC resources for provision of sports facilities, training and promotion activities for the past three years are summarized as follows:


$ million

$ million
$ million
Sports Facilities (excluding
amenities and beaches)
Capital Expenditure956.6585.7 445.2
Recurrent Expenditure498.7 600.4651.8
Sports Training Activities
Training and competitions
jointly organized with NSAs
11.1 14.221.6
Sports Promotion Activities
Sports promotion programmes
organized at district level
123.1 96.9114.8


7. The Provisional Regional Council will continue to promote sports for all through the provision of diversified sports facilities and programmes. It will maintain close relationship with other major providers in the sports community and help to enhance the overall development of sports in Hong Kong.

Regional Services Development
23 February 1999
Ref.: RSD 43/HQ 814/92 III


Provisional Regional Council Sports Facilities

Sports FacilitiesIslandsTuen MunYuen Long Tsuen WanKwai TsingNorthTai PoShatinSai KungTotal
Indoor Recreation Centres 4434 6344 234
Natural and Artificial Turf Pitches -322 3423 221
Sports Grounds122 1322 1115
Tennis Courts31316 20201013 2011126
Basketball Courts1624 23192636 14168182
Squash Courts91615 1219815 218123
Badminton Courts133521 28312520 187198
Golf Driving Range-1- -1-- --2
Hockey Pitches--- ---- -11
Swimming Pool Complexes 12 2232 13117
Holiday Camps ---1 ---- 23
Water Sports Centres-- ---- 1-23