(Letterhead of the Secretariat of Legislative Councillors of the Democratic Party)

28 April 1999

Ms LEUNG Siu-kum

Dear Ms LEUNG,

In preparation for the meeting of the LegCo Panel on Housing to be held on 3 May 1999, I would like to raise the following questions. Please refer them to the Housing Bureau and request an early reply in writing.

Rent Review for Public Rental Housing (PRH)

1. What is the overall median rent-to-income ratio of existing PRH households?

2. What are the respective median household incomes of PRH households of different sizes (one-person, two-person, three-person and so on) from 1995 to the first quarter of 1999?

LAM Pui-yee
for Hon LEE Wing-tat
Chairman, LegCo Panel on Housing