Information Paper for the Legislative Council Panel on Housing

Rehousing Arrangements for Elderly Households Affected by Redevelopment of Public Housing Estates


This paper informs Members of the rehousing arrangements for elderly households affected by redevelopment of public housing estates.


2. Since 1988-89, the Housing Authority (HA) has drawn up a Comprehensive Redevelopment Programme (CRP) to redevelop the older public housing blocks. The aim is to redevelop all non self-contained flats before 2001 and to complete the redevelopment programme by 2005. So far, 368 blocks have been demolished.

5-Year Redevelopment Rolling Programme

3. HA draws up a Five-year Redevelopment Programme annually. This is a rolling programme and will be promulgated after endorsement by the Housing Authority. Affected residents are hence aware of the redevelopment beforehand and they can prepare for the removal.

Formal Announcement

4. While the Five-year Redevelopment Programme is announced annually, formal announcement informing residents of the target evacuation date and details of rehousing arrangements will normally be made 18 to 24 months before the target day.

Local Rehousing

5. Under the existing policy, affected residents will be rehoused within the same district as far as resources permit. While HA understands residents' desire for "insitu rehousing", this is generally impracticable. In planning the rehousing arrangements, HA will project the number of elderly households affected by redevelopment and identify sufficient local rehousing resources for them.

Facilities in Reception Estates

6. Well-planned social and recreational facilities, such as social centres for the elderly and sitting-out areas, are available in reception estates. Besides, HA will liaise with relevant government departments for the provision of other facilities, such as medical and transport facilities, in conjunction with intake at new estates. Prior to the intake, sample flat visits will be arranged to enable the elderly to get familiar with the new environment.

Allocation Standard

7. According to the current allocation standard, one-person and two-person households will be allocated small units with internal floor areas of about 16m2 in harmony blocks. Where situation permits, 2-person flats of 22m2 are built for allocation to 2-person elderly households.

Priority in Flat Selection

8. Priority in selection of single-person flats is given to the elderly.

Housing for Senior Citizens

9. Apart from building small flats, HA also runs Housing for Senior Citizens (HSC). While each elderly resident in HSC has his own living accommodation, a 24-hour residential warden service is provided to arrange activities and to render immediate assistance in an emergency. There will be an adequate supply of HSC flats coming on stream and elderly affected by redevelopment are accorded priority of allocation.

Domestic Removal Allowances

10. Domestic removal allowances (DRA) are payable to affected households at the following rates -

    Household SizeDomestic Removal Allowances
    1 person$3,670
    2-3 person$7,030
    4-5 person$8,670
    6 persons and above$10,900
While HA has pledged to arrange payment of DRA within 10 working days after intake, it will endeavour to effect payment on the intake date.

Singleton and Doubleton Allowances

11. Single-person and two-person households affected by redevelopment may opt for Singleton Allowance of $37,330 or Doubleton Allowance of $48,310 respectively in lieu of rehousing. They will be barred from allocation of any kind of public housing in the ensuing two years.

Liaison with the Elderly

12. In the course of redevelopment, HA staff will hold regular meetings with and visit the elderly residents to enhance communication and understand their needs. Before intake of reception estates, HA will set up a working group, comprising representatives of various government departments and community organisations, to assist the elderly in moving homes.


13. As regards a Member's question about the layout of public rental flats for the elderly, please refer to Annex.

Housing Department
December 1998


Legislative Council Panel on Housing
Response to a question raised by Hon Lee Wing-tat


On the layout of flats, what measures are being taken by the Housing Authority (HA) to ensure that it will meet the needs of elderly tenants?


The Housing Authority always monitors feedback from elderly residents with a view to improving the flat design to cope with their needs. Specifically, the following facilities are now provided in the units for elderly households -

    i) shower seat in the bathroom,

    ii) handrail in the bathroom,

    iii) drying rack with movable laundry strings, and

    iv) special facilities needed by wheelchair bound elderly.

The following improvement items are also being considered -
    i) a longer bench in the kitchen for a double stove,

    ii) repositioning of the door of the toilet to avoid blocking by the main door, and

    iii) increase in the size of the toilet.