Information Paper for Legislative Council
Panel on Housing
Mixed Development


This paper informs Members of the present position in respect of -

  1. the mixed development pilot scheme to be implemented by the Housing Society (HS); and

  2. the potential redevelopment of public rental housing (PRH) estates by way of mixed development by the Housing Authority (HA).


2. In the 1997 Policy Address, the Government announced that it will implement a pilot scheme to tender selected sites for the purpose of involving private developers in the provision of subsidised home ownership flats. The successful tenderer will be required to hand over at least 30% of the flats built to the Government for sale to eligible purchasers at designated prices. This commitment was reiterated in the Long Term Housing Strategy White Paper published in 1998.

3. The new approach is aimed at allowing purchasers of subsidised home ownership flats to enjoy higher standard of design, finish, facilities and management. It will also provide more choice to purchasers.

4. In the 1998 Policy Address, Government pledged to -

  1. embark on two "mixed development" schemes with the private sector on a pilot basis through the Housing Society in 1999-2000; and

  2. consider and develop in 1999-2000, in consultation with the Housing Authority, alternative forms of mixed development.

Pilot Scheme to be implemented by the HS

5. With the resumption of land sales in April 1999, two lots of land will be disposed of by tender in 1999-2000 under the mixed development pilot scheme. Details are as follows -

LocationAp Lei Chau Drive,
Ap Lei Chau
(AIL 128)
Site 5,
West Kowloon
Estimated number of housing flats

Estimated number of subsidised home ownership (SHO) flats including common facilities and amenities, based on at least 30% of the gross floor area of the development

300 450
Estimated tender invitation date

October 1999 February 2000

6. Under the pilot scheme, successful tenderers will be required to make available a number of flats equivalent to at least 30% of the gross floor area of the development to the Government for sale as subsidised home ownership (SHO) flats.

Alternative proposals for mixed development by the HA

7. The concept of mixed development is well supported by the HA. Although, it is still at a conceptual stage. The HA is also considering a study of alternative workable forms of mixed development. If in the future it is decided that this approach be used in the redevelopment of public housing estates, the interests of the tenants as well as the community will be taken into consideration as is the practice with all HA's redevelopment programmes.

Housing Bureau
March 1999