English translation prepared by the
Legislative Council Secretariat
for Members' reference only)

(Letterhead of Legislative Councillor LEE Cheuk-yan's Office)

11 December 1998

Mrs Sharon TONG
Clerk to LegCo Panel on Manpower

Dear Sharon,

Research on Minimum Wage Systems

Regarding the proposal for the research on minimum wage systems, we have the following views:

1. We propose that the research should also cover the following:

  1. whether the countries/territories concerned have adopted any poverty line; if so, their criteria for setting the poverty line;

  2. the social security systems of the countries/territories concerned and in particular, the assistance provided to low-income persons/families;

  3. the systems of collective bargaining in the countries/territories concerned;
2. We propose that the experience of European countries such as Germany and France should also be studied;

3. We propose that in addition to a section stating the HKSAR Government's position on setting a minimum wage, the research report should also include an analysis of the justifications put forward by the Administration, commenting on the efficacy of its arguments.

Moreover, the Low Pay Commission of the United Kingdom published its first report in June this year, which will be of useful reference to Hong Kong. We suggest the Research and Library Services Division to carry out an in-depth analysis of the report which can be downloaded from the website of the Commission (http://www.lowpay.gov.uk/IR/lowpay/ index.htm).

If you have any enquiries concerning the above proposals, please feel free to contact Mr FONG Yeuk-hang by phone 9308 0767 or by fax 2332 1893.

LEE Cheuk-yan