13 May 1999

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Legislative Council - Panel on Security
Progress of Year 2000 Compliance in the Independent Commission Against Corruption


This paper informs Members of the Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance position in the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).


2. The ICAC started the Y2K compliance exercise in December 1997 with close monitoring by an Information Technology Steering Group on a monthly basis. Headed by Assistant Director/Administration, the group consists of users and a team of IT professionals led by a Chief Systems Manager from the Information Technology Services Department (ITSD). With the assistance of in-house engineers, professionals from ITSD and suppliers concerned, all systems in the ICAC have been examined for Y2K dimension and compliance


3. The overall progress on mission-critical systems is as follows -

No. of compliant systems14(87.5%)
No. of non-compliant systems with rectification work in progress 2(12.5%)

4. The two non-compliant systems will be rectified by June 1999 at a cost of $2.65M by ICAC and ITSD staff.


5. The contingency plans for the two mission-critical systems are -

  1. Commission Against Corruption Information System

    Backup microfiches will be used. Serious disruption to our operation is not anticipated.

  2. Operations Department Local Area Network

Network stations will be used as standalone computers to support essential services. No serious interruption to our operation is anticipated.

Independent Commission Against Corruption

Ref. : ICAC 510/11/6
Date: 4 May 1999