LC Paper No. CB(3) 138/98-99(02)

Select Committee to inquire into the circumstances leading to the problems surrounding the commencement of the operation of the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok since 6 July 1998 and related issues

Support services for meetings

Points for consideration

Verbatim transcript

Members of the Select Committee are invited to consider, if public hearings are held, whether the verbatim transcript should be published in the report of the select committee in the original language or in both Chinese and English.

2. It is recommended that the verbatim transcript of the hearings be taken in the original language and cassette tapes recording the simultaneous translation will be kept in the Legislative Council Library. The same practice was adopted by the Select Committee to Inquire into the Circumstances Surrounding the Departure of Mr LEUNG Ming-yin from the Government and Related Issues set up in 1996.

Written evidence

3. It is recommended that written evidence from the Government and relevant bodies should be submitted in its original language and, where possible, a translation could be requested. However, the translation would only be used as reference and the final interpretation would be based on the original language. The same practice was adopted by the select committee set up in 1996.

Other information papers

4. It is recommended that in line with existing practice, other information papers provided by the Government should be submitted in both Chinese and English.

Advice sought

5. Members are invited to consider and endorse the recommendations in paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 above.

Legislative Council Secretariat
29 July 1998