Legislative Council Redress System

Legislative Council Redress System

What is the Legislative Council Redress System?

It is a system operated by the Legislative Council (LegCo) to receive and handle complaints from members of the public who are aggrieved by Government actions or policies. It also deals with public representations on Government policies and legislation as well as other matters of public concern.

How does the Redress System operate?

In groups of six, Members take turns to be on duty each week to oversee the system and to receive petitions as well as representations made by deputations. In addition, they take turns to be on "ward duty" during their duty week to meet individual complainants who wish to discuss their complaints with Member(s) in person, and to give guidance to staff of the LegCo Secretariat Complaints Division in processing cases.

How is a complaint handled?

A complaint may be lodged with the LegCo Complaints Division
by phone, letter, fax, E-mail or in person
    Complaints Officer obtains
relevant information from the complainant    
    Complaints Officer obtains
relevant information from the Government    
  Complaints Officer examines the complaint in the light of
Government policies and procedures and consults Members where necessary  
If complaint justified :
  • ask the Government to take remedial actions
  • refer the issue to the relevant LegCo Panel or raise the issue at a LegCo meeting when a change in policy or in law is necessary  
Members unable to help if :
  • the complaint is unjustifed
  • the original policy or decision of the Government is correct
  • the remedy sought cannot be supported  
If allegations concern maladministration of Government departments or public organisations specified in The Ombudsman Ordinance :
  • refer the complaint to The Ombudsman with the consent of the complainant  

    Inform complainant of the outcome    

The Ombudsman will inform complainant of the outcome

Are there matters which Members do not handle under the Redress System?

The Redress System does not provide legal advice or legal services to complainants. Members will not handle complaints against individual members of the three-tier system of representative government (i.e. Legislative Council, Municipal Councils, District Boards), or other Government boards and committees. Members will also not handle private disputes; matters which are sub-judice or could involve criminal charges; matters relating to judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings; complaints against Police or ICAC officers; matters relating to the administration of a non-government body; and matters outside the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

For more information about the Redress System or to lodge a complaint, please contact the Complaints Division of the Legislative Council Secretariat.

Opening hours 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (Monday - Friday)
9:00 am - 12:00 noon (Saturday)


2526 4027
2521 7518


5/F, Citibank Tower
3 Garden Road
Hong Kong

[Unless the complainant indicates his/her intention to remain anonymous, his/her identity will be disclosed and all personal data submitted may be transferred to parties who will be involved in the investigation of the complaint. Subject to exemptions under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, complainants have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data. Request for personal data access and correction should be made to the LegCo Secretariat Complaints Division with the relevant case number.]

October 1998