Bills Committee on Broadcasting Bill

Meeting on Tuesday, 11 April 2000 at 8:30 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with the Administration and Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority

  2. Background papers

    1. The Bill circulated vide LC Paper No. CB(3)515/99-00 dated 28 January 2000;

    2. The Legislative Council Brief issued by the Information and Technology Broadcasting Bureau (File Ref :ITBB(CR) 9/19/1/(00) Pt.7)

    3. The Legal Service Division's Report on the Bill (LC Paper No. LS77/99-00) circulated vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1118/99-00 on 17 February 2000; and

    4. Marked-up copy of consequential amendments to the relevant Ordinances (Schedule 9 to the Bill) [Paper No. CB(2)1359/99-00(01)].

    Papers for the meeting

    - Administration's response to submissions from deputations
    [Paper No. CB(2)1572/99-00(01) (issued)]

    - Operation of the Broadcasting Authority

    - Further submissions from deputations -

    [Paper No. CB(2)1572/99-00(02) - position of Television Broadcasts Limited in response to issue raised at the Bills Committee meeting held on Friday, 31 March 2000 (in English only) (issued)]

    [Paper No. CB(2)1650/99-00(01)- submission dated 4 April 2000 from the Hong Kong Journalists Association providing further views on clause 35 of the Bill (in English only) (attached)]

    [Paper No. CB(2)1650/99-00(02) - submission from the Hong Kong Cable Television Limited on the provisons prohibiting anti-competitive practices and abuse of dominance under the Bill (in English only) (attached)]

    Other relevant papers issued

    Please see Appendix.

  1. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
10 April 2000


Bills Committee on Broadcasting Bill

List of relevant papers previously issued


  1. Hong Kong Journalist Association (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1476/99-00(02)];

  2. Satellite Television Rentals Limited (in English only)
    [Paper Nos. CB(2)1476/99-00(03) and (04)];

  3. Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1476/99-00(05)];

  4. Asia Television Limited (in Chinese only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(01)];

  5. International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(02)];

  6. Kwun Tong Resident Union (in Chinese only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(03)];

  7. Consumer Council
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(04)];

  8. Hong Kong Arts Development Council
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(05)];

  9. Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(06)];

  10. Turner International Asia Pacific Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(07)];

  11. Satellite Television Asian Region Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(08)];

  12. joint submission of the Cable & Wireless HKT Limited and the Cable & Wireless HKT VOD Limited (in English only) [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(09)];

  13. Elmsdale Media Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(10)];

  14. Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1541/99-00(01)];

  15. Hong Kong Development and Strategic Research Centre (in Chinese only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1549/99-00(01)];

  16. Galaxy Satellite Telecommunications Co Ltd
    [Paper No. CB(2)1549/99-00(02)];

  17. Television Broadcasts Limited
    [Paper No. CB(2)1549/99-00(03)]; and

  18. Hong Kong Society of Accountant
    [Paper No. CB(2)1569/99-00(01)].

Legislative Council Secretariat
3 April 2000