Bills Committee on Broadcasting Bill

Meeting on Friday, 31 March 2000 at 10:45 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with deputations
  2. -Consumer Council
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(04) (issued)]

    -Hong Kong Development and Strategic Research Centre

    -Hong Kong Journalist Association (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1476/99-00(02) (issued)]

    -Kwun Tong Resident Union (in Chinese only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(03) (issued)]

    -Alcatel China Holding Pte. Ltd

    -APT Satellite Holdings Limited

    -Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd

    -Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting Limited

    -International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group) Limited (in English only) [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(02) (issued)]

    -Pacific Satellite International Limited

    -Satellite Television Rentals Limited (in English only)
    [Paper Nos. CB(2)1476/99-00(03) and (04) (issued)]

    -Asia Television Limited (in Chinese only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(01)(issued)]

    -Hong Kong Cable Television Limited

    -Television Broadcasts Limited

    Written submissions

    -Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1476/99-00(05) (issued)]

    -Hong Kong Arts Development Council
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(05) (issued)]

    -Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(06) (issued)]

    -Turner International Asia Pacific Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(07) (issued)]

    -Satellite Television Asian Region Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(08) (issued)]

    -joint submission of the Cable & Wireless HKT Limited and the Cable & Wireless HKT VOD Limited (in English only) [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(09) (issued)]

    -Elmsdale Media Limited (in English only)
    [Paper No. CB(2)1504/99-00(10) (issued)]

  3. Meeting with the Administration
  4. [Paper No. CB(2)1476/99-00(01)-summary of submissions on the consultation paper on 1998 Review of Television Policy - comments relating to the subject matters of the Broadcasting Bill]

  5. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
30 March 2000