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Council meeting on 13.10.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungServices for persons contemplating suicidesOral
Q. 2 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanResidence requirements for applying for public housing allocation and CSSAOral
Q. 3 Hon LAU Wong-fatControl of smokes produced by construction machineryOral
Q. 4 Hon Kenneth TINGTraffic congestion in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung on the day after the passage of typhoonOral
Q. 5 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiSafety of curtain wallsOral
Q. 6 Hon Fred LIRefusal of visits by US warships and the Pope Written
Q. 7 Hon LEE Kai-mingYoungsters employed for operating dangerous machinesWritten
Q. 8 Hon Christine LOHA list of private buildings targeted for building management improvementWritten
Q. 9 Hon CHAN Wing-chanLabour disputes involving pregnant foreign domestic helpersWritten
Q. 10 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongRefund of tuition fees by UGC-funded institutions to new students who have applied for withdrawals before the academic year begins Written
Q. 11 Hon Emily LAUSpecial adviser hired by the Department of JusticeWritten
Q. 12 Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGPre-employment training cost for medical professionalsWritten
Q. 13 Dr Hon Philip WONGHong Kong Futures Exchange's plan to replace the open outcry system by an electronic order matching systemWritten
Q. 14 Hon TAM Yiu-chungLandslides affecting the traffic in Lantau IslandWritten
Q. 15 Hon Howard YOUNGInstallation of Octopus Add Value Machines at convenient locationsWritten
Q. 16 Hon SIN Chung-kaiStatistics in respect of the Employment Retraining SchemeWritten
Q. 17 Hon CHAN Kwok-keungFundings provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Lotteries FundWritten
Q. 18 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungDissemination of Secondary 6 vacancies during the Secondary 6 Admission ProcedureWritten
Q. 19 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahUpgrading the structural design of buildings so that buildings may sustain the impact of earthquakesWritten

Council meeting on 20.10.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LAU Wong-fatEducating the youngsters to use computers properly so as to protect their eyesightWritten
Q. 2Kenneth TINGProvision of supporting services to Hong Kong businessmen in the MainlandWritten
Q. 3LEUNG Yiu-chungAppointment of political body members to various boards and committeesWritten
Q. 4HO Chung-taiExcessive fares charged by taxi and public light bus drivers during the onslaught of typhoonsWritten
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahImplementation of the downsizing plan of the Auxiliary Police ForceWritten
Q. 6LOH Kung-wai, ChristineIntroducing an Electronic Road Pricing system to Hong KongWritten
Q. 7Howard YOUNGProvision of land for the operation of commercial helicopter serviceWritten
Q. 8CHEUNG Man-kwongCollection of tuition fees in advance by local educational institutionsWritten
Q. 9SIN Chung-kaiConsumers' rights in conducting e-commerce transactionsWritten
Q. 10LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieRefuse on the sea bed Written
Q. 11CHAN Kwok-keungSeparate collection of recyclable materials in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 12LUI Ming-wahLong queuing time for custom clearance by border-crossing freight vehiclesWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRelease of Dioxin by the Chemical Waste Treatment CentreWritten
Q. 14LEUNG Yiu-chungMedian rent-to-income ratios of PRH tenantsWritten
Q. 15HO Chung-taiRisk of presence of oil tanks in the vicinity of certain sections of the proposed Route No. 9Written
Q. 16Howard YOUNGVisa-free entry for HKSAR passport holdersWritten
Q. 17LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieProposal to control advertisement signboardsWritten
Q. 18LOH Kung-wai, ChristineEmergency response management for natural disasters and serious accidentsWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyWater supply to Hong Kong Written
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahBiodiesel as an alternative fuel for use by diesel vehiclesWritten

Council meeting on 27.10.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LI Ka-cheung, EricReports of suspected fraudulent acts or omissions submitted to the relevant authorities by auditorsWritten
Q. 2LI Kwok-po, DavidCultivate local talents to meet competition from the talented MainlandersWritten
Q. 3LAW Chi-kwongSelection of sites for social security field unitsWritten
Q. 4HO Chung-taiQuality of PRH flatsWritten
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahSafety of LPG-fuelled vehiclesWritten
Q. 6 LUI Ming-wahControl of vehicle emissionsWritten
Q. 7 Howard YOUNGImplementation of the Demand Side Management ProgrammesWritten
Q. 8 LOH Kung-wai, ChristineNew Territories small housesWritten
Q. 9 Howard YOUNGSynchronising departure times of shuttle buses at Tung Chung Station for the airport at Chek Lap Kok with arrival times of MTR trains at the Station Written
Q. 10LOH Kung-wai, ChristineEmission by franchised busesWritten
Q. 11LAW Chi-kwongPublic consultation in respect of services of social security field unitsWritten
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEarthquakes occurring at or near the Daya Bay Nuclear Power PlantWritten
Q. 13LI Wah-ming, FredMaintenance of old-type public housing estatesWritten
Q. 14MA Fung-kwokCollection of copyright royalty chargesWritten
Q. 15TAM Yiu-chungAllocation of slots for holding marriage ceremonies at marriage registriesWritten
Q. 16CHEUNG Man-kwong Senior officers of Education Department involved in conflicts of interestsWritten

Council meeting on 3.11.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHAN Wing-chanUnscrupulous business practices of some shopsOral
Q. 2CHENG Kai-namApplications received by the Legal Aid Department in respect of right of abode issueOral
Q. 3TAM Yiu-chungPreventing cases of objects being thrown from a heightOral
Q. 4TANG Siu-tongBringing Housing Authority projects under the ambit of Buildings OrdinanceOral
Q. 5YEUNG Yiu-chungAge participation rate for first-degree courses in Hong KongOral
Q. 6Howard YOUNGDisposal of fallen tree trunks in the wake of typhoonsOral
Q. 7LAW Chi-kwongNew initiatives in social welfare services to be implemented in the next three yearsWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiProper software asset management practicesWritten
Q. 9LAU Kong-wahUse of new technology to increase transport efficiencyWritten
Q. 10Howard YOUNGResearch on urban skyline profile Written
Q. 11LAU Kin-yee, MiriamEmission standards of vehicles imported for use in Hong KongWritten
Q. 12HO Sau-lan, CydAlternatives to incinerators for treating medical wasteWritten
Q. 13LAW Chi-kwongPilot project to assist children with special education needs to integrate into ordinary schoolsWritten
Q. 14YEUNG Yiu-chungTeacher-to-student ratios of tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 15LI Kwok-po, DavidAllocation of more financial resources to promote pre-school educationWritten
Q. 16HO Mun-ka, MichaelWorkers of the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited stationed in Xiamen deployed to work in Hong KongWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahMTR ridershipWritten
Q. 18LEONG Che-hung Appointing patients' representatives into the Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board and Occupational Deafness Compensation BoardWritten
Q. 19CHEUNG Man-kwongAssistance for SMEsWritten
Q. 20LEE Kai-mingMoral standards of the youthsWritten

Council meeting on 10.11.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LAU Wai-hing, EmilySupervision of kindergartens Oral
Q. 2TO Kun-sun, JamesCommencement of the Interception of Communications Ordinance Oral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredProviding kindergarten pupils a subsidy of tuition fees Oral
Q. 4MA Fung-kwokCopyright infringement on the Internet Oral
Q. 5CHEUNG Wing-sum, AmbroseProposed plan to demolish the Hong Kong Stadium Oral
Q. 6CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaLaw enforcement in respect of counterfeit goods Oral
Q. 7HO Mun-ka, MichaelProvision of specialist out-patient clinic services Written
Q. 8YEUNG Yiu-chungFood labelling of prepackaged food Written
Q. 9TAM Yiu-chungEffects of the proposed International Wetland Park on flight safety Written
Q. 10LAU Kong-wahProsecution against smoky vehicles Written
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRecent changes to the ATV's news programme Written
Q. 12LAU Kong-wahWastage of water due to overflow from reservoirs Written
Q. 13NG Leung-singHong Kong Supplementary Character Set Written
Q. 14Kenneth TINGGranting of legal aid to non-residents Written
Q. 15LEE Wing-tatPrimary school students assigned excessive quantities of homework Written
Q. 16TIEN Pei-chun, JamesMonitoring of retraining courses funded by the Employee Retraining Board Written
Q. 17 LEE Wing-tatRelocation of shipyards in Tsing Yi North Written
Q. 18LI Kwok-po, DavidEmployees sustaining eye injuries whilst at work Written
Q. 19CHEUNG Man-kwongWork of the Small and Medium Enterprises Office Written
Q. 20CHU Yu-lin, DavidMarine police officers who have operated radar equipment suffered from cancerWritten

Council meeting on 17.11.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 LAU Kong-wahRefund of deposits on Octopus cards Oral
Q. 2 CHOY So-yukLocation for the building of new exhibition and convention facilitiesOral
Q. 3 YEUNG Yiu-chungAdmission of talents scheme Oral
Q. 4 HO Chun-yanSafety of operating buses during the onslaught of typhoonsOral
Q. 5 HO Mun-ka, MichaelDissemination of information on medical services to the publicOral
Q. 6 LEE Wing-tatToll adjustments for vehicle tunnels Oral
Q. 7TANG Siu-tongBuilding Safety Inspection and Improvement Loan SchemesWritten
Q. 8LEUNG Yiu-chungTreatment of medical waste by incinerationWritten
Q. 9HO Chung-taiRevising the Pok Fu Lam Outline Zoning Plan for the Cyberport projectWritten
Q. 10LAU Wai-hing, EmilyTeaching posts to be filled by professionally trained and degree holdersWritten
Q. 11LOH Kung-wai, ChristineCertain secondary schools restricting some subjects to boys or girlsWritten
Q. 12LEE Wing-tatUse of mobile phones and pagers by medical staff while performing operationsWritten
Q. 13LAU Kong-wahStructural safety of On Ning Garden in Tseung Kwan OWritten
Q. 14TANG Siu-tongSubsidence problem in Tseung Kwan O Written
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyAdoption of sustainable development perspective in planningWritten
Q. 16LOH Kung-wai, ChristineMeasures to defer the plan to build a new power plant in Lamma IslandWritten
Q. 17LI Ka-cheung, EricTotal ban of driving duties performed by foreign domestic helpersWritten
Q. 18NG Ching-faiManpower planning for new infrastructural projectsWritten
Q. 19HO Mun-ka, MichaelProcedure and monitoring mechanism for clinical trialsWritten
Q. 20NG Leung-singPrompt access to information on the bankrupt by financial institutionsWritten

Council meeting on 24.11.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewArranging transport for employees going to work during typhoonsOral
Q. 2YEUNG SumThe Government's follow up action on the concluding observations of the United Nations Human Rights CommitteeOral
Q. 3HO Sau-lan, CydAccess route and transport service arrangements to the Kowloon Bay Health CentreOral
Q. 4Bernard CHANThe Financial Secretary's visit to Las VegasOral
Q. 5LI Wah-ming, FredSite settlement in Tseung Kwan OOral
Q. 6Howard YOUNGPlanning tourism attractions on a district basisOral
Q. 7CHOY So-yukBetting on the results of football matchesWritten
Q. 8LI Ka-cheung, EricIT audit services provided by the HKPCWritten
Q. 9TANG Siu-tongComplaints against insufficient speed limit signs on roads Written
Q. 10LEE Wing-tatProposal to build a funeral parlour in Cheung ChauWritten
Q. 11LI Kwok-po, DavidCombating cases of head-bashing robberyWritten
Q. 12LUI Ming-wahRe-export of busesWritten
Q. 13SIN Chung-kaiReduction of pager licence fees Written
Q. 14HO Chung-taiProvisions that can be invoked to prosecute building contractors of Housing Authority for jerry-building practicesWritten
Q. 15CHEUNG Man-kwongAppointment of the Managing Director for the MPFS AuthorityWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRemedial measures for primary and secondary schools without proper physical education facilitiesWritten
Q. 17LOH Kung-wai, ChristineVehicle emissions of light, medium and heavy diesel engined goods vehiclesWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahFares for KCR trains to and from the Racecoursestation Written
Q. 19LI Ka-cheung, EricControlling subcontracting practices for infrastructural projectsWritten
Q. 20LEE Wing-tatFrequent disruptions of sea water supply in several PRH estates in Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi DistrictsWritten

Council meeting on 1.12.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1WONG Yung-kanAccidents involving the sinking of Mainland vessels in Hong Kong watersOral
Q. 2LAU Kong-wahPreventing illicit use of credit card informationOral
Q. 3Kenneth TINGHong Kong residents detained without trial in the MainlandOral
Q. 4LEUNG Yiu-chungTesting of dioxins accumulated in human bodiesOral
Q. 5CHENG Kai-namRelative importance of HOS and HPLS in subsidized housingOral
Q. 6HO Chung-taiAllowing Government Departments to acquire services of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund in the open marketOral
Q. 7Bernard CHANDisposal of wastes on the streets Written
Q. 8HUI Cheung-chingInforming Hong Kong businessmen in the changes in policies and regulations in the MainlandWritten
Q. 9TO Kun-sun, JamesCompensations offered to members of the public in respect of abusive use of power by PoliceWritten
Q. 10CHOY So-yukTheft cases in respect of computer equipment in primary and secondary school premisesWritten
Q. 11LEE Kai-mingAllocation of clinics in PRHsWritten
Q. 12LI Wah-ming, FredSegregation punishment for young offenders in reformatory schoolsWritten
Q. 13LEUNG Yiu-chungAir quality inside air-conditioned buses Written
Q. 14LI Ka-cheung, EricInvestigations conducted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in respect of qualifications in the auditors' reportsWritten
Q. 15LI Kwok-po, DavidAbuse of elderly peopleWritten
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiRefusal to transmit messages by paging service companiesWritten
Q. 17LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRegistration of Owners' CorporationsWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahOvercharging by taxi driversWritten
Q. 19WONG Yung-kanConsultancy studies pertaining to land use planningWritten

Council meeting on 8.12.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LEONG Che-hungEmployment prospects of medical graduatesOral
Q. 2HUI Cheung-chingAccession to the World Trade Organization by China Oral
Q. 3LEE Cheuk-yanA Hong Kong permanent resident arrested in Thailand and deported to the Mainland ChinaOral
Q. 4FUNG Chi-kinProposed plan to form alliance with exchanges in foreign countries for the trading of certain financial productsOral
Q. 5LAU Wai-hing, EmilyModifying the electoral systems to achieve full compliance with the ICCPROral
Q. 6HO Mun-ka, MichaelTransfer of the former Director of BroadcastingOral
Q. 7HO Sing-tin, EdwardImport of less polluting vehiclesWritten
Q. 8LAU Kin-yee, MiriamTesting of sulphur content of diesel for use in vehiclesWritten
Q. 9Bernard CHANStatistics on tax payersWritten
Q. 10TANG Siu-tongTemporary arrangements during the construction works of the Pok Oi Hospital Extension ProjectWritten
Q. 11LEUNG Yiu-chungHandling of complaints received by Complaints Against Police Office Written
Q. 12LAW Chi-kwongProposal for the Hospital Authority to recover from patients' insurance companies full medical expensesWritten
Q. 13LUI Ming-wahManagement of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CentreWritten
Q. 14LAU Wai-hing, EmilyFirst issue of units of the Tracker Fund of Hong KongWritten
Q. 15LI Kwok-po, DavidMeasures to reduce non-emergency calls to the 999 emergency hotline Written
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiDevelopment of Geographical Information SystemsWritten
Q. 17LEUNG Yiu-chungEffectiveness of election forumsWritten
Q. 18CHEUNG Man-kwong Eco-labelProgramme and purchase of green products by Government departments and subvented organisationsWritten
Q. 19LOH Kung-wai, ChristineSupervision of kindergartensWritten
Q. 20LAU Kong-wah Paediatrics clinics under the Hospital AuthorityWritten

Council meeting on 15.12.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LEUNG Yiu-chungToxic substances found in soil samples collected in urban areasOral
Q. 2SIN Chung-kaiAccess to new IT products and services by the blind or visually-impaired personsOral
Q. 3CHEUNG Man-kwongImplementation and development of the policy on the medium of instructionOral
Q. 4Bernard CHANProposed plan to require building owners to take out third party insuranceOral
Q. 5CHENG Kai-namProposed materials transfer station on Ap Lei ChauOral
Q. 6YEUNG Yiu-chungShue Yan College's bid to become the first private universityOral
Q. 7YEUNG SumEmergent cash assistance to CSSA applicants while their CSSA applications are being processedWritten
Q. 8LAU Wong-fatRemittance service between Hong Kong and the MainlandWritten
Q. 9MA Fung-kwokAmending the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (Cap. 390)Written
Q. 10CHU Yu-lin, DavidSex education and sexual offences among primary and secondary school studentsWritten
Q. 11NG Leung-singTheft cases occurring in jewellery exhibition venuesWritten
Q. 12HO Chung-taiEnforcement against unauthorised structuresWritten
Q. 13LI Kwok-po, DavidChildren subjected to violence and verbal abusesWritten
Q. 14LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRegulation of genetically-modified foodsWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahThe Airport Authority Recouping expenses incurred for recovery work from an airline involved in an accidentWritten
Q. 16CHEUNG Man-kwongHandling complaints about insurance companies' refusal to settle claimsWritten
Q. 17LOH Kung-wai, ChristineSocial impact assessments for Government policies and initiatives Written
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyA Hong Kong resident being tried as a mainlander of ShenzhenWritten
Q. 19TAM Yiu-chungCases of solicitors' professional misconductsWritten
Q. 20YEUNG Yiu-chungStyrofoam lunch boxes used in primary schoolsWritten

Council meeting on 5.1.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1TIEN Pei-chun, JamesProposal to set up an information centre in Hong Kong for doing business in the MainlandOral
Q. 2SZETO WahImplementation of the School Improvement ProgrammeOral
Q. 3CHAN Kwok-keungNon-payment of wages by contractors of public worksOral
Q. 4LUI Ming-wahVenue rental charges of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CentreOral
Q. 5LAU Chin-shekWork of the Special Adviser to the Chief ExecutiveOral
Q. 6CHOY So-yukPromoting long-term employment of workers in the construction industryOral
Q. 7HO Sai-chuBureaucracy in Government departmentsWritten
Q. 8LEE Cheuk-yanImplementation of the Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9WONG Yung-kanConsultancy studies on agricultural and fisheries industriesWritten
Q. 10NG Leung-singOccupational accidents within the premises of eateriesWritten
Q. 11TANG Siu-tongHawkers control in public rental housing estates sold under Tenants Purchase SchemeWritten
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungOffering continuing education courses which use radio broadcast as the major means of instructionWritten
Q. 13HO Chung-taiWest Kowloon Drainage Improvement ProjectWritten
Q. 14LEUNG Yiu-chungDisputes on the boundaries of villages in the New TerritoriesWritten
Q. 15TIEN Pei-chun, JamesBusiness trips to Hong Kong made by Mainland businessmenWritten
Q. 16CHEUNG Man-kwongProperty development by the MTRCWritten
Q. 17LOH Kung-wai, ChristineSocial and environmental implications for Hong Kong of China's accession to WTOWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyMeetings of the Chief Executive with the Chief Justice of the Court of Final AppealWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahSafety of children riding cross-country motorcyclesWritten
Q. 20LAU Chin-shekInstallation of retro-fitting screen doors on MTR platformsWritten

Council meeting on 12.1.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHEUNG Man-kwongProvision of Secondary One placesOral
Q. 2LEE Cheuk-yanUse of pre-fabricated building components in public housing worksOral
Q. 3CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewSetting the age limit at 12 over which passengers of public transport are required to pay adult fareOral
Q. 4TANG Siu-tongRegulation of motocross coursesOral
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahRobberies in country parksOral
Q. 6Kenneth TINGResources for the Audit CommissionWritten
Q. 7LEONG Che-hungLower starting salaries for Dental Officer and Veterinary Officer as compared to Medical and Health OfficerWritten
Q. 8Bernard CHANUnscrupulous business practices of some shopsWritten
Q. 9NG Leung-singDeclaration of personal investments and financial interests by senior civil servantsWritten
Q. 10LUI Ming-wahHiring and charging policies for assembly halls on university campusesWritten
Q. 11LI Ka-cheung, EricProgress of the investigation into the collapse of Peregrine group of companiesWritten
Q. 12SIN Chung-kaiData communication between the computer systems of the customs offices on both sides of the borderWritten
Q. 13TAM Yiu-chungReview of the school net for the Islands DistrictWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiContaminated site designated for the Disney Theme ParkWritten
Q. 15LOH Kung-wai, ChristineParticulate emissions attributable to the diesels used by cross-border goods vehiclesWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPromotion of a unified Chinese language interfaceWritten
Q. 17CHEUNG Man-kwongAssessment of land premiumsWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahFire escapes in PRH estates not complying with safety regulations of the lawWritten
Q. 19NG Leung-singThe proposed Lindingyang BridgeWritten
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiAdopting a postal coding system in Hong KongWritten

Council meeting on 19.1.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHAN Kam-lam Review of the Rice Control SchemeOral
Q. 2SIN Chung-kai Pilot scheme to train young school leavers and the unemployed to be junior IT assistantsOral
Q. 3Howard YOUNG Time taken to process visit visa applications by passport holders from Middle East countriesOral
Q. 4LI Wah-ming, Fred Installation of audible signal devices at signalized pedestrian crossings to assist the blindOral
Q. 5TANG Siu-tong Testing of pigs for ClenbuterolOral
Q. 6HO Chung-tai Proposed statutory scheme of preventive maintenance of buildingsOral
Q. 7NG Leung-sing Explosives found in construction site Written
Q. 8CHEUNG Man-kwong Staff recruitment exercises of the MPFS Authority Written
Q. 9LOH Kung-wai, Christine Storing scrap vehicles on private land in the New TerritoriesWritten
Q. 10LAU Kong-wah LPG taxi and minibus schemesWritten
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, Emily Hospital Authority's plan to reform the medical staff structure and reduce the salary of new doctorsWritten
Q. 12LOH Kung-wai, Christine Quantifying the expected results of measures to reduce vehicle emissionsWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, Emily Payment of interests for remittance by telegraphic transferWritten
Q. 14LAU Kong-wah Policy on public light busesWritten
Q. 15Bernard CHAN Provision of accommodation for holding exhibitions and workshops for artistsWritten
Q. 16LEUNG Yiu-chung Sharp rise in air pollution indexes recorded by the Environmental Protection DepartmentWritten
Q. 17Howard YOUNG Developing Hong Kong International Airport into an international aviation hubWritten
Q. 18Bernard CHAN Plan to extend the use of Octopus cards to cover payments made in shoppingWritten
Q. 19FOK Tsun-ting, TimothySelling of pirated optical disks by post Written
Q. 20HO Sau-lan, Cyd Long working hours of doctors in public hospitalsWritten

Council meeting on 26.1.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1YEUNG Yiu-chungReview of the Youth Pre-employment Training ProgrammeOral
Q. 2FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyPermitting cyclists to practise in country park areaOral
Q. 3CHAN Kam-lam Reducing styrofoam wasteOral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPermitting euthanasia in Hong KongOral
Q. 5SIN Chung-kaiSenior Government officials attending business promotional events organised by commercial organisationsOral
Q. 6LEUNG Yiu-chungWorkplace English CampaignOral
Q. 7WONG Yung-kanControl the spread of influenza Written
Q. 8TIEN Pei-chun, JamesTaxing the profits derived from international commercial activities which are conducted electronicallyWritten
Q. 9YEUNG Yiu-chungRegulation of health food products Written
Q. 10LOH Kung-wai, ChristineExtension of the School-Based Support Scheme to cover non-Mainland born studentsWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahLaw enforcement against drink driving Written
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyChange of name of the Xinhau News AgencyWritten
Q. 13LOH Kung-wai, ChristineInitiatives taken to eliminate discrimination against womenWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiEmergency plans for fires occurring in MTR premisesWritten
Q. 15SIN Chung-kaiBreakdown of a computer system of the Hong Kong Futures ExchangeWritten
Q. 16LI Kwok-po, DavidCombating regional air pollution problemWritten
Q. 17MA Fung-kwokNumber of and fire safety of cubicle apartmentsWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahAn accident involving a ferryWritten
Q. 19MA Fung-kwokDiscrimination in schools against newly arrived childrenWritten
Q. 20SZETO WahAllocation of Secondary Six places Written

Council meeting on 16.2.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseDevelopment of local professionalsOral
Q. 2LI Ka-cheung, EricMechanism to ensure independence of the Director of Audit's workOral
Q. 3LAW Chi-kwongGrading of restaurants according to their hygiene standardsOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singMonitoring of listed companies engaging in technology and Internet businessOral
Q. 5LEE Wing-tatRegulation of health food productsOral
Q. 6CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaEstablishment of the Culture and Heritage CommissionOral
Q. 7CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewStatistics on industrial accidentsWritten
Q. 8TSANG Yok-singDisposal of surplus government propertiesWritten
Q. 9LEE Cheuk-yanGuidelines on new stipulations of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme issued to frontline worksWritten
Q. 10LAU Kin-yee, MiriamOperating residents' buses without a licenceWritten
Q. 11WONG Yung-kanProgress of the construction works of the Lantau North - South LinkWritten
Q. 12Kenneth TINGImpact of the increasing popularity of Internet-based activities on tax incomeWritten
Q. 13LEE Kai-mingPrevention of spread of hepatitis EWritten
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, FredContinued employment of contract staff of the former Provisional Municipal Councils after their dissolutionWritten
Q. 15HO Mun-ka, MichaelCharging of fees for services provided by Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 16TIEN Pei-chun, JamesScheme to replace diesel taxis with liquefied petroleum gas taxisWritten
Q. 17Howard YOUNGDevelopment of the West Kowloon Reclamation into an art and entertainment districtWritten
Q. 18TAM Yiu-chungProvision of legal aid to owners corporationsWritten
Q. 19LI Kwok-po, DavidIncrease in the number of civil servants against whom disciplinary action for alleged misconduct was recommendedWritten
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiConsultancy study on the manpower and training needs of the information technology industry commissioned by the Education and Manpower BureauWritten

Council meeting on 23.2.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1HO Sing-tin, EdwardPublic expenditure on building and civil engineering works in the future three yearsOral
Q. 2HUI Cheung-chingDecline in the trade volume between Hong Kong and the mainlandOral
Q. 3HO Chun-yanRegulation of village representative electionsOral
Q. 4LEE Wing-tatReduction of pension benefits by employers under the guise of joining the MPF SchemesOral
Q. 5CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, Selina The scheme to let out slopes along highways for advertisementOral
Q. 6LI Wah-ming, FredHealth hazards of repeated use of cooking oilOral
Q. 7LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseProcessing of applications for small housesWritten
Q. 8HO Sau-lan, Cyd Handling complaints about the Immigration Department's serviceWritten
Q. 9LAW Chi-kwongPlan to purchase medicine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease when the medicine provided free by a pharmaceutical company is used upWritten
Q. 10Bernard CHANLandmines at the border areaWritten
Q. 11NG Leung-sing Uploading of the Government Gazette onto Government web-sites for public accessWritten
Q. 12Howard YOUNG Conversion of historical buildings for cultural use Written
Q. 13LI Kwok-po, David Legislation to completely ban smoking at indoor workplacesWritten
Q. 14SIN Chung-kai Operation of Government Supplies Department's Electronic Tender SystemWritten
Q. 15CHEUNG Man-kwong Disposal of surplus quarters returned by subvented organisationsWritten
Q. 16LOH Kung-wai, Christine Racial discrimination in Hong KongWritten
Q. 17LAU Wai-hing, EmilyMeetings of the Chief Executive with the Chief JusticeWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wah Use of Octopus cards in public transportWritten
Q. 19CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, Selina Management of cultural and leisure services after the dissolution of Provisional Municipal CouncilsWritten
Q. 20HUI Cheung-ching Breaches of the Water Pollution Control Ordinance by the MTRCWritten

Council meeting on 1.3.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHU Yu-lin, DavidOctane number of unleaded petrol sold in Hong KongOral
Q. 2LUI Ming-wahOverseas exhibitions organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development CouncilOral
Q. 3HO Sau-lan, CydRole conflict of the incumbent Chief Executive who seeks to be re-electedOral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilyForecast of increase in electricity demandOral
Q. 5CHOY So-yukIntroducing new air cargo handling operatorsOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahCrack down on tax evasionOral
Q. 7LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseManagement of cultural, leisure and sports activities by the newly established Leisure and Cultural Services DepartmentWritten
Q. 8CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaAwards scheme to invite civil servants to submit proposals for saving public expenditureWritten
Q. 9HUI Cheung-chingWork to facilitate the development of business in the MainlandWritten
Q. 10LI Wah-ming, FredAbuse of the elderly peopleWritten
Q. 11LEE Wing-tatUpdating of the Voter RegisterWritten
Q. 12LAW Chi-kwongIncreasing deaths due to respiratory system diseasesWritten
Q. 13Bernard CHANProvision of low-rental exhibition venues and studios to artistsWritten
Q. 14NG Leung-singTendering procedure for contracts of different valuesWritten
Q. 15LEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of medical services during public holidaysWritten
Q. 16Howard YOUNG"Blind spots" of mobile phone reception along the Airport ExpressWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiInsufficient treatment capacity of the Shatin Sewerage Treatment WorksWritten
Q. 18LI Kwok-po, DavidReview of legislation to counter computer-related crimesWritten
Q. 19SIN Chung-kaiStudy on impact of wireless communication transmitters on human healthWritten
Q. 20CHEUNG Man-kwongOperation and regulation of the Insurance Claims Complaints BureauWritten

Council meeting on 8.3.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1CHENG Kar-foo, Andrew Complaints about golf balls flying out from golf driving rangesWritten
Q. 2LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseRiver training projects and the village flood protection schemes being carried out in the Northern New Territories and North-West New TerritoriesWritten
Q. 3LEONG Che-hungThe Cartagena Protocol on BiosafetyWritten
Q. 4CHOY So-yuk CSSA granted to persons not of Chinese nationality Written
Q. 5TANG Siu-tongBuilding new school premises so that half-day schools may convert to whole-day schoolsWritten
Q. 6SIN Chung-kaiTraining places of information technology coursesWritten
Q. 7HO Chung-tai Emergency services of the Water Supplies Department Written
Q. 8LI Kwok-po, David Information technology co-ordinators for schools Written
Q. 9CHEUNG Man-kwongDetermination of the appropriate assets level of the Exchange Fund Written
Q. 10YEUNG Yiu-chungExercise of discretion to grant CSSA to applicants who do not fulfill the residence requirementWritten
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPublishing the views of the Committee for the Basic Law of the HKSAR Written
Q. 12LAU Kong-wah Substandard piling work of public housing projects Written
Q. 13TSANG Yok-sing Time taken by SEHK to process applications for listing on the Growth Enterprise MarketWritten
Q. 14SIN Chung-kai Provision of public library services through the InternetWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, Emily Public works projects shelved to make way for the Cyberport and Hong Kong Disney land projectsWritten
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahMeetings of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Written
Q. 17LAW Chi-kwong Statistics on persons who came from the Mainland to settle in Hong Kong last yearWritten

Council meeting on 15.3.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1TAM Yiu-chungIntroducing reverse mortgage schemes in Hong KongOral
Q. 2TIEN Pei-chun, JamesWastage of teachers employed under the Native English-speaking English Teachers SchemeOral
Q. 3YEUNG Yiu-chungSchool-based managementOral
Q. 4CHOY So-yukCompetition faced by local container port businessOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiRegulation for the safety use of oxy-acetylene welding equipmentOral
Q. 6Kenneth TINGEducating investors of the risks in hi-tech stocks tradingOral
Q. 7Howard YOUNGHKSAR and BNO passport holders requested to pay extra fees on entry to Bangladesh, which has granted such passport holders visa-free accessWritten
Q. 8LI Kwok-po, DavidPersonal safety of customs officers in anti-piracy actionWritten
Q. 9LOH Kung-wai, ChristineEfficient utilization of radio frequency spectrum within Hong Kong Written
Q. 10LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEmployment of native English-speaking English teachers for primary schoolsWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahProsecution of speeding franchised bus driversWritten
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRaising the penalties for substandard building worksWritten
Q. 13LAU Kong-wahLoans made by the Exchange Fund through the International Monetary FundWritten
Q. 14NG Leung-singDesign of expressways for emergency parkingWritten
Q. 15Howard YOUNGNumber of persons issued with Hong Kong permanent identity cards in accordance with Basic Law 24(2)(4)Written
Q. 16LI Ka-cheung, EricListing costs on the Growth Enterprise MarketWritten
Q. 17FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyProposal to convert the former Yaumati Theatre into a venue dedicated to the performance of Chinese traditional operasWritten
Q. 18LI Ka-cheung, EricCommunications between SFC and SEHK with Growth Enterprise Market companiesWritten
Q. 19TAM Yiu-chungDevelopment of gateball activitiesWritten
Q. 20CHOY So-yukPromotion of unsanctioned betting activities in Hong KongWritten

Council meeting on 29.3.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1SZETO Wah Drug abuses by the youthWritten
Q. 2LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseComposition of various boards of supplementary medical professionsWritten
Q. 3HO Sau-lan, CydDetention of ex-prisoners pending deportation or removalWritten
Q. 4LI Wah-ming, FredGambling activities in the communal facilities of PRH estatesWritten
Q. 5YEUNG Yiu-chungUtilization of hotlines set up by the Department of Health and the Hong Kong Medical Association during public holidaysWritten
Q. 6LEE Wing-tatProposal to grant subsidies to District Council members for procuring IT equipment and servicesWritten
Q. 7TANG Siu-tongPublishing Government annual reports etc in CD-ROM form in place of paper formWritten
Q. 8LEUNG Yiu-chungConsideration given to applicants' market share in the entire television broadcasting industry during processing of subscription TV broadcasting licence applications Written
Q. 9HO Chung-taiIncidents involving air traffic safety Written
Q. 10LI Kwok-po, DavidUse of lay prosecutors to conduct prosecution at magistraciesWritten
Q. 11CHEUNG Man-kwongSafety issues of potentially dangerous facilities in the vicinity of schoolsWritten
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyOvercharging of fees by kindergarten operators in the 1997-98 school yearWritten
Q. 13LAU Kong-wahCharges of and complaints about driving tests Written
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, FredProblem of low water pressure in some PRH estates Written
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyAccountability of the Commissioner, ICAC Written
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahCases of overdue payment of government loans by graduates of tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 17LEE Kai-mingChemical spills from arriving containers at container terminalWritten
Q. 18YEUNG Yiu-chungTV and films crews being extorted of protection money while shooting on locationWritten
Q. 19CHOY So-yukAirport facilities for transit passengersWritten
Q. 20CHAN Yuen-hanThe Growth Enterprise Market's function as a channel for small-scale emerging enterprises to raise capitalWritten

Council meeting on 5.4.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1TAM Yiu-chungSome of the Fairview Park premises not issued with occupation permitsWritten
Q. 2LEUNG Yiu-chungPotential breach of Article 144 of the Basic Law by the new subvention system for welfare NGOsWritten
Q. 3SIN Chung-kaiPromoting the disadvantaged groups to use ITWritten
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDeclaration of interests of journalists who specialize in reporting news about the stock market and participate in share trading at the same timeWritten
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahExtension of structural safety guarantee period for HOS flatsWritten
Q. 6LOH Kung-wai, ChristineRailway as an alternative to the proposed Route 7Written
Q. 7LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDecreasing number of CSSA cases in the blind, physically disabled and mentally ill categoriesWritten
Q. 8LAU Kong-wahSpeeding problem of public light bus driversWritten
Q. 9TAM Yiu-chungClearance plan for unauthorised rooftop structuresWritten
Q. 10CHU Yu-lin, DavidInternet users being trapped to pay International Direct Dial chargesWritten
Q. 11HO Mun-ka, MichaelLaw enforcement against selling pork containing ClenbuterolWritten
Q. 12LI Ka-cheung, EricExpert advice sought by the Department of Justice in drafting bills on the regulation of the financial marketWritten
Q. 13TANG Siu-tongKMB not taking out full motor vehicle insurance in respect of third party risks Written
Q. 14Bernard CHANQueuing situation for homes for the elderlyWritten
Q. 15LI Kwok-po, DavidResources to assist teachers in coping with stress and handle difficulties at workWritten

Council meeting on 12.4.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LOH Kung-wai, ChristineConflict of interests arising from the dual role of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd as a market regulator and a profit-making entityOral
Q. 2CHAN Yuen-hanEnhanced Productivity Programmes of Government Departments and subvented organizationsOral
Q. 3CHAN Wing-chanLow wages given to workers by contractors providing cleaning/security services for tertiary institutionsOral
Q. 4YEUNG SumMonitoring of demolition works for unauthorized structuresOral
Q. 5SZETO WahEnactment of laws to give effect to Article 23 of the HKSAR Basic LawOral
Q. 6CHAN Kam-lamVehicular traffic of cross-harbour tunnels before and after the toll increase of the Cross Harbour Tunnel on 1.9.99Oral
Q. 7HUI Cheung-chingPlans of the Mainland authorities to link up the Euroasia Transcontinental Bridge with the Beijing-Kowloon LineWritten
Q. 8LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseProvision of support services for Hong Kong deputies to the NPC and Hong Kong members of the NPPCC when they attend meetings in BeijingWritten
Q. 9YEUNG Yiu-chungDefence of Government computer systems against interference by hackersWritten
Q. 10LAU Kong-wahProblem of tenants defaulting on rental paymentsWritten
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, EmilyMake the school premises of Government and aided primary and secondary schools available for use by community groups after school and on holidaysWritten
Q. 12LAU Kong-wahGeological faults in the vicinity of the Shing Mun ReservoirWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilySenior staff of tertiary institutions taking up remunerated directorships in outside organizationsWritten
Q. 14LI Ka-cheung, EricProsecution against smoky vesselsWritten
Q. 15LEE Wing-tatCremation services of the Food and Environmental Hygiene DepartmentWritten
Q. 16LI Ka-cheung, EricIdentifying road sections where smoky vehicles are often spottedWritten
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiCollecting data for compilation of variables used by the "IDC/World Times Information Society Index"Written
Q. 18LOH Kung-wai, ChristinePromotion of fair competition in Hong KongWritten
Q. 19HO Chung-taiFormulate new measures to tackle air pollutionWritten
Q. 20LI Kwok-po, DavidComplete ban of smoking in all restaurantsWritten

Council meeting on 3.5.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 TO Kun-sun, James Checks and balance and distribution of powers between the Executive Authorities and the Legislature Oral
Q. 2LAW Chi-kwongTemporary abatement measures for the air pollution problem Oral
Q. 3HO Mun-ka, MichaelMedical services provided by private medical service conglomerate Oral
Q. 4HO Sau-lan, CydFunding policy for RTHK Oral
Q. 5TIEN Pei-chun, James Unsightly information boards erected on the slopes along roads Oral
Q. 6Bernard CHANDisturbances caused by mobile phones and pagers in cinemas and performance venuesOral
Q. 7CHENG Kai-namThe authority not taking back Hong Kong identity cards issued to imported workers when they leave Hong KongWritten
Q. 8HO Chun-yanNumber of rehabilitation beds in public hospitals Written
Q. 9CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewEnsuring employers and employees of the construction and catering industries contributing to the MPF industry schemes set up for them Written
Q. 10LEONG Che-hungVague or misleading eco-labels of products on sale in Hong Kong Written
Q. 11LAU Kin-yee, MiriamUse of manually operated traffic signs during road excavation worksWritten
Q. 12CHU Yu-lin, DavidSound quality of radio broadcast for listening tests of public examinationsWritten
Q. 13LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose New Secondary School Places Allocation SchemeWritten
Q. 14LEE Wing-tatProhibiting contractors allegedly involved in jerry-building practices to take part in tenders for Government building contracts Written
Q. 15TANG Siu-tong Sharp rise in rubella cases in FebruaryWritten
Q. 16YEUNG Yiu-chungImplementation of Mandatory Provident Fund SchemeWritten
Q. 17LI Kwok-po, DavidStep up prosecution against Comprehensive Social Security Assistance abusesWritten
Q. 18LOH Kung-wai, ChristinePercentage of site areas involving leases with terms not requiring payment of premium upon redevelopmentWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyMonitoring the work of the police forceWritten
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahAlleviating the nuisances caused by road traffic noise Written

Council meeting on 10.5.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LEE Chu-ming, MartinUse of less-polluting vehicle fuels Oral
Q. 2LEONG Che-hung Actions taken to reduce injuries and deaths of children Oral
Q. 3HUI Cheung-chingImpact of direct trade between the Mainland and Taiwan on Hong Kong Oral
Q. 4LUI Ming-wahVacant flatted factories Oral
Q. 5HO Chun-yanMainland law enforcement departments allegedly conducted search operations in Hong Kong Oral
Q. 6LAU Hon-chuen, AmbrosePoor air quality driving away international conferencesOral
Q. 7LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Aqua privies under the management of the Food and Environmental Hygiene DepartmentWritten
Q. 8CHU Yu-lin, DavidDumping of undetonated bombs in the sea Written
Q. 9CHOY So-yukExtent of subcontracting in public housing works Written
Q. 10HO Mun-ka, Michael Regulatory framework for supplementary medical professions Written
Q. 11LEE Kai-mingLarge-scale flooding in Yuen Long allegedly caused by the West Rail construction project Written
Q. 12LAW Chi-kwongVaccinations for new arrivals Written
Q. 13TANG Siu-tongApplication of the Protocol on Biosafety to Hong Kong Written
Q. 14LEE Wing-tatChannels for the public to lodge complaints electronically Written
Q. 15YEUNG Yiu-chung Applications for retaining existing occupational retirement schemesWritten
Q. 16NG Leung-singGuidelines on the licensing of Internet banks Written
Q. 17TAM Yiu-chungCompensation for factory operators affected by the West Rail project Written
Q. 18HO Chung-taiSecurity of electricity supply installations against vandalism Written
Q. 19CHEUNG Man-kwongAppointment of serving Certificated Masters/Mistresses teachers as Primary School Masters/Mistresses Written
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiConflicts of interests of financial intermediaries Written

Council meeting on 17.5.2000

Q. 1WONG Wang-fat, AndrewImprovement proposals for train servicesOral
Q. 2LEE Chu-ming, MartinExercise of the power to require members of the public to produce identity cards by the PoliceOral
Q. 3CHAN Yuen-hanProtection of the views of the ridgelines along the Victoria Harbour Oral
Q. 4CHAN Wing-chanEmergency services of Water Supplies Department Oral
Q. 5CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewDetermination of franchised bus fares Oral
Q. 6CHAN Kwok-keungLayoff plan of the CLP Limited Oral
Q. 7HO Sai-chuAbuse of the CSSA system Written
Q. 8LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseManpower planning of various professionsWritten
Q. 9CHOY So-yukRemoval of sanitary wares of new HOS flats by owners Written
Q. 10LAW Chi-kwongSupply and demand of parking spaces for motorcycles Written
Q. 11TANG Siu-tongOut-patient service of Government clinics Written
Q. 12LI Ka-cheung, Eric Hiring of professional accountants by the Securities and Futures Commission Written
Q. 13Howard YOUNGHelicopter service between Hong Kong and Macau Written
Q. 14LOH Kung-wai, ChristineProtection for workers who are required to work on high pollution days Written
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyHealthy City project in Tseung Kwan O Written
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahFault level of autotoll system and recovery of outstanding tolls Written
Q. 17LEE Chu-ming, MartinAdopting a more refined airborne particle standard Written
Q. 18LAW Chi-kwongElderly persons sharing PRH units or facilities with unrelated persons Written
Q. 19LOH Kung-wai, ChristineReview of the Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance Written
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyHealth education curricula in primary and secondary schools Written

Council meeting on 24.5.2000

Q. 1CHAN Kwok-keungChannels for students who have completed Form III to pursue further educationOral
Q. 2NG Leung-singPopulation growth Oral
Q. 3TAM Yiu-chungQuota for singletons applying for loans under the Home Starter Loan Scheme Oral
Q. 4YEUNG SumThe Hong Kong Electric Company's plan to build a new power plant on Lamma Island Oral
Q. 5HO Mun-ka, MichaelPlan of the Hong Kong Medical Council to prohibit doctors from overseas countries to take part in Licensing Examination for medical practitioners Oral
Q. 6Howard YOUNGMeasures to deal with unruly passengers on board aircrafts arriving in or departing from Hong Kong Oral
Q. 7TO Kun-sun, JamesModifying the regulation which specifies the flush volume of water closet Written
Q. 8CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewPromoting long-term employment in the construction industry Written
Q. 9WONG Yung-kanProblem of cattle being abandoned in the territory Written
Q. 10Kenneth TINGThe weakening Euro on the assets value of the Exchange Fund Written
Q. 11LI Wah-ming, FredNegotiation with the US authorities on the Air Services Agreement Written
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyControversy over the re-appointment of the President of Lingnan University Written
Q. 13CHEUNG Man-kwongDemand and supply of kindergarten places Written
Q. 14LI Kwok-po, DavidExtending the Language Benchmark requirement for teachers Written
Q. 15LOH Kung-wai, ChristineRelation between Hong Kong and Taiwan Written
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahA Hong Kong resident robbed and died in Shenzhen Written
Q. 17LAU Wai-hing, EmilySetting up a Computer Emergency Response Centre Written
Q. 18NG Leung-singDamage to buildings allegedly caused by works carried out at North Point MTR Station Written
Q. 19WONG Yung-kanVehicles without permit entering the Tung Chung Road on Lantau Island Written
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahA traffic accident causing chemical leakage Written

Council meeting on 31.5.2000

Q. 1LAU Kong-wahSetting rent revisions of PRH units in accordance with the median rent to income ratio of PRH tenants Oral
Q. 2LEONG Che-hungMedical and health staff of public hospitals taking up outside jobs Oral
Q. 3CHEUNG Man-kwongPreventing senior civil servants abusing their powers Oral
Q. 4SIN Chung-kaiShortfall of IT personnel with degree qualifications Oral
Q. 5LUI Ming-wahEconomics benefits derived from exhibitions held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Oral
Q. 6CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewNew railway link between Shatin and Central Oral
Q. 7LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Use of precast paving slabs on pavementsWritten
Q. 8Kenneth TING Impact of rising borrowing rate on economy Written
Q. 9CHOY So-yukPossible existence of bombs dropped during the World War II yet to be unearthed Written
Q. 10LEE Wing-tat Alleged contravention of the Buildings Ordinance of a premise owned by a Deputy Secretary of the Housing Bureau Written
Q. 11YEUNG Yiu-chungNew admission mechanisms for Primary One and Secondary One Written
Q. 12NG Leung-singMonitoring the composition of Chinese patent medicines Written
Q. 13Howard YOUNGProblem of Green CancerWritten
Q. 14LOH Kung-wai, ChristineRising tuberculosis casesWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPatient record systems of public hospitals and clinicsWritten
Q. 16MA Fung-kwokIndoor air quality of Government offices buildingsWritten
Q. 17CHEUNG Man-kwongManagement of the Exchange Fund Written
Q. 18LEE Wing-tat Release of dioxins by the Tsing Yi Chemical Treatment Plant Written
Q. 19LOH Kung-wai, ChristineAlignment East Rail Extension - Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur lineWritten
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyManagement of public housing estates sold under the Tenants Purchase Scheme Written

Council meeting on 7.6.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1LEE Wing-tatPublic's confidence in the Government's workOral
Q. 2LEUNG Yiu-chungHousing Department phasing out its departmental quartersOral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredTaking into account of noise impacts when considering transport policyOral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilySeparate collection and recycling of household wasteOral
Q. 5CHOY So-yukIndulgence in Internet online chatting by adolescentsOral
Q. 6Kenneth TING Development of industrial estatesOral
Q. 7CHENG Kai-nam Schooling arrangement for Mainland children allowed to stay in Hong Kong on temporary permitsWritten
Q. 8LAU Wong-fatNoise problem caused by renovation works in residential premisesWritten
Q. 9HUI Cheung-chingBreakdowns of computer systems at border control pointsWritten
Q. 10HO Mun-ka, MichaelDemand and supply of medical, nursing and allied health professionalsWritten
Q. 11Bernard CHANThird-party insurance cover for Government vehiclesWritten
Q. 12LAW Chi-kwong Service scope for the elderly residents under the Bought Place Schemes Written
Q. 13 HO Chung-tai Preventing foul smell exuding from refuse collection vehicles on transit Written
Q. 14LOH Kung-wai, Christine Development of industrial landWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wah Management of TPS estates whose Owners' Corporations have been formed for one year or moreWritten
Q. 16LEE Wing-tat Staffing arrangements for Housing Department staff affected by the Housing Authority's scheme for Greater Private Sector Involvement in Estate Management and Maintenance ServicesWritten
Q. 17LAU Wai-hing, Emily Provision of recreation open space in Hong KongWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wah Change of charging method for EPS serviceWritten
Q. 19LI Kwok-po, David Interruptions of radio broadcast inside vehicle tunnelsWritten
Q. 20TANG Siu-tong Action taken in respect of traffic accidents involving "environmental factors" that can be improved uponWritten

Council meeting on 14.6.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1FUNG Chi-kinProtection of investors who participate in brokerage-free trading of stocks on the Internet Oral
Q. 2CHU Yu-lin, David Franchised buses passing through Central during peak hours Oral
Q. 3LAW Chi-kwongMeasures to deal with LPG-fuelled vehicles on fire inside vehicle tunnels Oral
Q. 4CHEUNG Man-kwongRemarks made by officials of the Liaison Office Central People's Government in HKSAR Oral
Q. 5Howard YOUNGBanning smoking on board all incoming passenger flights Oral
Q. 6LUI Ming-wahSources of pollutants in the airOral
Q. 7Kenneth TINGRaising of funds by small and medium enterprises through securing loans Written
Q. 8LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose Huge amount of underwriting loses incurred by the general business insurers Written
Q. 9LEUNG Yiu-chungProposed switch of diesel-fuelled light goods vehicles to petrol vehicles Written
Q. 10TANG Siu-tongActions taken by the Drainage Services Department before the serious flooding on 14 April 2000Written
Q. 11YEUNG Yiu-chung Percentage target set for qualified teachers of kindergartens Written
Q. 12SIN Chung-kaiSelection of Chinese character input method Written
Q. 13LAU Kong-wahFire fighting measures inside vehicle tunnels and evacuation measures Written
Q. 14LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProsecution of kindergarten operators for over-charging and over-enrolling pupils Written
Q. 15FUNG Chi-kinManagement of the former Tamar site by the Hong Kong Tourist Association Written
Q. 16CHEUNG Man-kwongSchooling of school-age ethnic Nepalese children and youths Written
Q. 17LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose Initiatives to improve the job placement work of the Labour Department Written
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahRationalisation of franchised bus routes and bus stops Written
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyVoucher scheme for tertiary education Written
Q. 20LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieMaking use of parks and gardens to increase the public's understanding and care of the natureWritten

Council meeting on 21.6.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1TSANG Yok-sing Determination of the number of kindergartens in public housing estates Oral
Q. 2LAU Wong-fat Postal Remittance Service between Hong Kong and the Mainland Oral
Q. 3MA Fung-kwokDetermination of sale prices of public housing flats Oral
Q. 4SZETO WahAge discrimination in the job market Oral
Q. 5LAW Chi-kwongCompulsory installation of automated refuse collection systems in new residential buildings Oral
Q. 6TANG Siu-tongRequirement for organizers of lion dances, dragon dances etc. to obtain permits Oral
Q. 7FUNG Chi-kinComplaints lodged by Mainland tourists Written
Q. 8LAU Kin-yee, MiriamTheft cases of container trailers Written
Q. 9CHU Yu-lin, DavidLPG public light bus scheme Written
Q. 10LI Wah-ming, FredPoor quality of some Harmony-type public rental housing estates and HOS courts Written
Q. 11LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose Port Back-up Facilities and Land Requirement Study Written
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungAllocating additional resources so that all elderly residents sharing PRH units may be allocated with one-person flats Written
Q. 13LOH Kung-wai, ChristineApproved plan of HEC to extend the Lamma Power Plant to cater for additional generation facilities which will be fuelled by liquefied natural gas Written
Q. 14LAU Kong-wahTuberculosis cases Written
Q. 15TSANG Yok-singParticipation of kindergartens in the Kindergarten Subsidy Scheme Written
Q. 16FUNG Chi-kinCompetitiveness of Hong Kong Written
Q. 17LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose Hong Kong as a world class design and fashion centreWritten
Q. 18LOH Kung-wai, ChristineTaking into account of sustainability objectives in drawing up new regulation framework for power supply market Written
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahCollection and compilation of statistics on cancers and serious diseases Written
Q. 20HO Sau-lan, CydFinancial management of the Hong Kong Philharmonic OrchestraWritten

Council meeting on 26.6.2000

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1TSANG Yok-singAllocation of third-generation mobile phone service licencesOral
Q. 2HO Chung-taiUse of diesel-fuelled washing machines and drying machines by government departments and public hospitalsOral
Q. 3CHEUNG Man-kwongCompensation for operators of factories in Wah Kai Industrial CentreOral
Q. 4LAU Kong-wahManagement of the Lo Wu Control PointOral
Q. 5YEUNG Yiu-chungMeasures to stabilize the property marketOral
Q. 6LEUNG Yiu-chungThe public's rising dissatisfaction with Government's workOral
Q. 7Bernard CHANDesignation of pedestrian precinctsWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiImportation of Information Technology professionalsWritten
Q. 9LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRefusals by some religious bodies to admit homosexuals to participate in their activitiesWritten
Q. 10TSANG Yok-singNumber and operation of mutual aid committeesWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahMeetings with Mainland public security officialsWritten
Q. 12Howard YOUNGPositioning of the new web-site being developed by the Hong Kong Tourist AssociationWritten
Q. 13YEUNG Yiu-chungParent education in Hong KongWritten
Q. 14LAU Kin-yee, MiriamRepeated traffic accidents at a flyover in Tsuen WanWritten
Q. 15CHEUNG Man-kwongRegulating the company which has dominated the electronic payment marketWritten
Q. 16TIEN Pei-chun, JamesImpact of declining property pricesWritten
Q. 17LOH Kung-wai, ChristineUse of recycled aggregates in construction industryWritten