List of Government Bills to be introduced into LegCo

This document sets out the main pieces of legislation which the Government plans to introduce into the Legislative Council during the 1999/2000 session. The Programme may need to be adjusted during the legislative session in the light of developments to reflect changing priorities.

TitlePurpose of Legislation Responsible Bureau
District Court (Amendment) Bill To improve the operation of the District Court Ordinance and to impose higher jurisdictional limits for various types of civil cases heard by the District Court. Administration Wing
Legal Aid (Amendment) Bill To implement the recommendations arising from the Legal Aid Policy Review. Administration Wing
Consular Relations Bill To provide a more flexible framework for according the appropriate privileges and immunities to consular posts and their members in Hong Kong. Administration Wing
Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Bill To provide for the statutory framework on which foreign judgments in civil or commercial matters can be enforced in Hong Kong and vice versa. Administration Wing
Bill on public corporation To establish a public corporation to provide certain public services and to set out the principles and mechanism for the corporation's operations. Business and Services Promotion Unit, Financial Secretary's Office
Amendments to Legislative Council (Amendment) Ordinance 1999 To amend the electorates of the Social Welfare and Medical functional constituencies. Constitutional Affairs Bureau
Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Amendment) Bill To implement the amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and International Convention on Load Lines (Load Line Convention). Economic Services Bureau
Civil Aviation (Amendment) Bill To enable the Chief Executive in Council to make regulations requiring operators of civil aircraft to purchase insurance to cover liabilities to third party and passenger etc. Economic Services Bureau
Industrial Training (Construction Industry) (Amendment) Bill To provide clarification that the Construction Industry Training Authority could hold skills assessment tests and provide subsidy for the purpose of assisting the placement of its graduates. Education and Manpower Bureau
Vocational Training Council (Amendment) Bill To allow for the establishment of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and related issues. Education and Manpower Bureau
Amendments to the Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board Ordinance To introduce technical amendments to improve the efficiency of the Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board. Education and Manpower Bureau
Employees' Compensation (Amendment) Bill To empower the Commissioner for Labour to, inter alia, determine employees' compensation with no dispute between the parties concerned. Education and Manpower Bureau
Education (Amendment) Bill 1999 To give statutory backing to Government's policy currently laid down in the Code of Aid for primary and secondary schools on the retirement of principals and teachers at the age of 60. Education and Manpower Bureau
Employment (Amendment) Bill To remove ambiguities in relation to the prohibition of the dismissal of an employee during pregnancy or paid sick leave. Education and Manpower Bureau
Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Bill To exempt home brewing in domestic premises from duty payment and to implement proposals to tackle the problem of illicit fuel. Finance Bureau
Stamp Duty (Amendment) Bill To implement a proposal endorsed by the Public Accounts Committee in respect of the charging of adjudication service on stamp duty, and to transfer some regulation-making powers from Chief Executive in Council to the Financial Secretary. Finance Bureau
Companies (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill To provide for a statutory corporate rescue procedures in Hong Kong and to allow the Official Receiver to appoint private sector insolvency practitioners as liquidators in summary cases. Financial Services Bureau
Securities and Futures Bill To modernise the regulatory framework for financial markets so as to allow Hong Kong to meet the challenges of global competition, advances in technology and financial innovations. Financial Services Bureau
Securities (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill To strengthen the regulation of short selling of securities so as to enhance market transparency and discipline. Financial Services Bureau
Exchanges and Clearing Houses (Merger) Bill 1999 To modify the existing regulatory framework for the securities and futures markets and introduce consequential amendments to existing securities-related legislation for the purpose of the merger of the two Exchanges Houses and three Clearing Houses. Financial Services Bureau
Summary Offences (Amendment) Bill To tighten control over charitable fund-raising activities so as to enhance the accountability and transparency of these activities. Health and Welfare Bureau
Health Related (Miscellaneous Amendment) Bill To streamline the operations of the regulatory systems of a number of health care professions and to introduce minor rectification to some health related Ordinances. Health and Welfare Bureau
Medicines and Poisons Bill and Pharmacists Registration Bill To update and streamline the statutory framework for the regulation of medicines, poisons and pharmacists. Health and Welfare Bureau
Human Organ Transplant (Amendment) Bill To streamline the structure of the Ordinance so as to facilitate the operation of the Human Organ Transplant Board. Health and Welfare Bureau
Building Management (Amendment) Bill To implement long term measures for improving the management of private buildings and to rectify certain deficiencies in the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344). Home Affairs Bureau
Gambling (Amendment) Bill To outlaw unauthorised gambling activities with extraterritorial elements. Homes Affairs Bureau
Sales Descriptions of Uncompleted Residential Properties Bill To require developers to provide sufficient and accurate information in sales brochures of uncompleted residential flats. Housing Bureau
Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) (Amendment) Bill To simplify tenancy renewal procedures, increase penalties for harassment and unlawful evictions and enhance compensation for sub-tenants in case of repossession of premises by the landlord on the ground of intention to rebuild. Housing Bureau
Broadcasting Bill To provide for a technology and transmission neutral licensing and regulatory framework for television programme services. Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau
Noise Control (Amendment) Bill To post a stronger deterrent effect to abate noise nuisances by extending the liability for offences from a body corporate to its top management. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Urban Renewal Authority Bill To introduce legislation to establish the Urban Renewal Authority. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Land (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Bill To prescribe fees payable for licences issued by Government under the Land (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Town Planning Bill To improve accountability, efficiency and streamline statutory planning procedures. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Conveyancing and Property (Amendment) Bill To make provisions for preventing the disposition of properties affected by unauthorised rooftop structures. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Buildings (Amendment) Bill To enhance the statutory requirements relating to building control and the built environment, and to modify the fees structure for the registration of building professionals. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Waste Disposal (Amendment) Bill To strengthen the control on the disposal of waste imported from areas outside Hong Kong, to implement a bar for movement of hazardous waste under the Basel Convention and to introduce legislative framework for control of clinical waste. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Protection of the Harbour (Amendment) Bill 1999 To expand the geographical area of the harbour covered by the existing Protection of Harbour Ordinance. Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
Security and Guarding Services (Amendment) Bill To update the regulatory scheme in the light of experience gained in the course of implementation of the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance. Security Bureau
Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) and Organized and Serious Crimes (Amendment) Bill To enhance the effectiveness of the anti-money laundering provisions under the Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) Ordinance and the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance. Security Bureau
Bill on licensing system for Karaoke establishments To establish a licensing system for Karaoke establishments which will cover fire safety, building safety, public safety and health requirements. Security Bureau
A bill to provide for a registration scheme for drug treatment and rehabilitation centres To replace the Drug Addicts Treatment and Rehabilitation Ordinance with a new legislation to provide for drug addicts treatment and rehabilitation centres. Security Bureau
Dangerous Goods (Amendment) Bill To modernise and update the Dangerous Goods Ordinance to bring it in line with international standards, and to introduce other improvements. Security Bureau
Rehabilitation Centres Bill To introduce legislation to provide for a short-term residential rehabilitation programme for young offenders. Security Bureau
Immigration (Amendment) Bill To provide for genetic tests for verifying the status of applicants for Certificate of Entitlement whose parentage is in doubt. Security Bureau
Industrial Training (Clothing Industry) (Amendment) Bill To make electronic submission the only means of lodging declarations for exports of clothing items by deleting the provision for lodging such declarations in person. Trade and Industry Bureau
Chemical Weapons (Convention) Bill To implement locally the requirements of the Chemical Weapons Convention in respect of control over the production, use, development and storage of chemical weapons. Trade and Industry Bureau
Civil Liability for Unsafe Products Bill To enact an Ordinance to provide explicit civil liability protection against unsafe products for consumers. Trade and Industry Bureau
Bill on intellectual property rights To further enhance our intellectual property regime against bootlegging and corporate infringing activities. Trade and Industry Bureau
Mass Transit Railway Bill To implement the privatisation of the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and to provide for the regulatory framework for the privatised Mass Transit Railway Corporation. Transport Bureau
Amendments to section 6 and the schedule of Traffic Accident Victims (Assistance Fund) Ordinance To extend the scope of the Traffic Accident Victims (Assistance Fund) Ordinance to cover the new probationary driving license scheme for inexperienced motorcyclists. Transport Bureau
Amendments to section 41 of the Road Traffic Ordinance To rationalise the penalty system to deter excessive speeding. Transport Bureau
Amendments to Road Traffic Ordinance To refine the legal definition and update penalties for certain dangerous driving behaviour under the Road Traffic Ordinance. Transport Bureau