LegCo Panel on Education

Meeting on Monday, 15 November 1999 at 4:30 pm
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building

Revised Agenda

  1. Matters arising and confirmation of minutes

  2. (4:30 pm - 4:35 pm)

    [LC Paper No. CB(2)369/99-00- minutes of meeting on 7 October 1999 (to follow)]

    [LC Paper No. CB(2)370/99-00- minutes of meeting on 9 October 1999 (to follow)]

  3. Information paper issued since last meeting
  4. [LC Paper No. CB(2)337/99-00
    - Position report (8 November 1999) on Year 2000 Compliance Exercise in government departments responsible for education matters and non-government organizations in the education field]

  5. Items for discussion at the next meeting

  6. (4:35 pm - 4:40 pm)

    [Appendix I to LC Paper No. CB(2)342/99-00 - List of issues suggested for discussion attached]

    [Appendix II to LC Paper No. CB(2)342/99-00 - List of follow-up actions attached]

  7. Consultation document on Review of Education System : Framework for Education Reform

  8. (4:40 pm - 5:40 pm)

    [Paper No. CB(2)342/99-00(01) - paper provided by the Administration (to follow)]

  9. Employment situation of graduates of the Hong Kong Institute of Education

  10. (5:40 pm - 6:05 pm)

    [Paper No. CB(2)342/99-00(02) - paper provided by the Administration (Chinese version to follow)]

  11. Consequential changes arising from the review of private school policy

  12. (6:05 pm - 6:30 pm)

    [Paper No. CB(2)342/99-00(03) - paper provided by the Administration (to follow)]

  13. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
11 November 1999