Panel on Education

Year 1998 - 1999

Year 1999 - 2000



Year 1999 - 2000

on 17 March 2000(Chinese version only)[CP666/99-00](17 April 2000)

  • Administration's paper on "Revisions to the fines provisions in the Education Ordinance and the Education Regulation"[CB(2)1417/99-00(02)](20 March 2000)

  • Administration's paper on "Table comparing the total outlay on education as a percentage of gross domestic product in Hong Kong in the past five years with those in other countries including the Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, the United States of America and the United Kingdom" [CB(2) 621/00-01(01)](20 March 2000)

  • Presentation handouts and press release on the Secretary for Education and Manpower's press conference on 9 March 2000[CB(2)1350/99-00](20 March 2000)

  • List of schools for visits by Panel Member proposed by Administration[CB(2)1712/99-00(02)](21 February 2000)

  • Paper provided by the Administration on employment of retired officers of Education Department in aided schools[CB(2)655/99-00(01)](19 June 2000 & 21 December 1999)

  • Employment situation of the graduates of the Hong Kong Institute of Education[CB(2)342/99-00(02)](15 November 1999)

  • Retirement of teachers and principals of aided Schools[CB(2)277/99-00(02)](5 November 1999)

  • Letter from six members of the Law School of the City University of Hong Kong(26 October 1999)

  • Submission from members of the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong(English version only)[CB(2)198/99-00(01)](26 October 1999)

  • Submission from the Equal Opportunities Commission[CB(2)201/99-00(03)](Joint meeting with Panel on Home Affairs on 26 October 1999)

  • Submission from the Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women(English version only)[CB(2)198/99-00(02)](26 October 1999)

  • Submission from the Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities(English version only)[CB(2)201/99-00(01)](26 October 1999)

  • Submission from the Women's Studies Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong(English version only)[CB(2)201/99-00(02)](26 October 1999)

  • The Administration's speaking note on Secondary School Places Allocation System(Chinese version only)[CB(2)201/99-00(04)](26 October 1999)

    Year 1998 - 1999

    [CB(2)621/98-99(03)](16 November 1998)

  • Submission of the Subsidized Primary Schools Council[CB(2)663/98-99](16 November 1998)

  • Submission of the Hong Kong Teachers' Association[CB(2)663/98-99](16 November 1998)

  • Submission of the Union of Heads of Aided Primary Schools of Hong Kong[CB(2)663/98-99](16 November 1998)

  • Paper on Textbook price and schoolbag weight provided by the Administration[CB(2)316/98-99](21 September 1998)

  • Paper on Quality Education Fund provided by the Administration[CB(2)280/98-99(02)](21 September 1998)

  • Paper on Installation of air-conditioning in primary and secondary schools[CB(2)97/98-99(03)](28 July 1998)

  • Paper on Prices of textbooks provided by the Administration[CB(2)97/98-99(02)](28 July 1998)