LegCo Panel on Housing

Meeting on
Monday, 6 December 1999, at 5:30 pm
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Confirmation of minutes of meeting

  2. (5:30 pm - 5:35pm)

    LC Paper No. CB(1) 411/99-00 (issued)

  3. Information papers issued since last meeting

  4. LC Paper No.CB(1)259/99-00 - Submission from the Concern Group of San Fat Estate on the use of mixed development approach in the redevelopment of public housing estates

    LC Paper No.CB(1)492/99-00 - Exchange of correspondences regarding the clearance of Tung Tau Cottage Area

  5. Date of the next meeting and items for discussion

  6. (5:35 pm - 5:40 pm)

    List of follow-up actions
    List of outstanding items for discussion

  7. Problems arising from shared non-self-contained accommodation in public housing estates

  8. Meeting with the Elderly Power
    (5:40 pm - 5:50 pm)

    LC Paper No. CB(1) 520/99-00(01) - Submission from the Elderly Power

    Meeting with the Administration
    (5:50 pm - 6:30 pm)

    LC Paper No. CB(1) 520/99-00(02) - List of concerns raised by Hon LEE Wing-tat

    LC Paper No. CB(1) 520/99-00(03) - Information paper provided by the Administration

  9. Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
3 December 1999