Information Paper for
LegCo Panel on Housing

Progress of Y2K compliance works within Housing Bureau, Housing Department and related non-government organisations


This paper reports the current status and progress in addressing the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem in Housing Bureau, Housing Authority (HA)/Housing Department (HD) and non-government organisations (NGOs) under the Bureau's purview.


2. In April this year, Housing Bureau (HB) submitted a paper on the same subject. This is a follow-up paper that reports on the current Y2K compliance status in HB, HA/HD, the Hong Kong Housing Society (HS) and the Estate Agents Authority (EAA) and on the progress of their Y2K contigency plans formulation.

Progress of Y2K compliance work in HB

3. There is no mission-critical system operating in HB. Non mission-critical systems which are Y2K non-compliant have been rectified. All computer systems in HB are now Y2K compliant.

Progress of Y2K compliance works in HA/HD and HS

4. HA/HD and HS have completed the rectification of all systems whether mission-critical or non-mission critical. All systems in HA/HD and HS are now Y2K compliant.

Progress of Y2K compliance work in EAA

5. All systems in EAA are Y2K compliant. Rectification work is not required.

Contingency Planning

6. Although all systems in HB, HA/HD, HS and EAA are now Y2K compliant, individual organisations have formulated contingency plans in order to minimize the risk of Y2K-induced failures. The contingency plans are detailed programmes of action to cope with unforeseen Y2K-induced events so as to ensure continued operation of the organisations, minimise risks and expedite recovery. Contingency arrangements with the support of standby resources are put in place to protect the running of the organisations' critical functions. As part of the contingency plans, HA/HD will set up a Y2K Contingency Control Centre while HS will set up a Y2K Command Centre for the management and co-ordination of Y2K-related issues affecting these organisations on Y2K critical dates. Manual fallback systems have been set up as a last resort to ensure the continued operation of the organisations.

7. HA/HD and HS have formulated draft contingency plans in August 1999. Drills have been carried out to test the applicability and practicality of the contingency plans and no abnormality has been identified in the exercises. HA/HD and HS will refine their own contingency plans in the light of experience to enhance the workflow and strengthen the supporting facilities.

8. HB and EAA have also formulated contingency plans to safeguard the daily office operation due to possible Y2K-induced disruptions although there is no mission-critical system in the two organisations.

Advice Sought

9. Members are invited to note the progress of the Y2K compliance in Housing Bureau, HA/HD and the NGOs under the Bureau's purview.

Housing Bureau
October 1999