Frequently asked questions about Legislative Council are listed as follows:

History of the Legislature

  • History of the Legislature
  1. When was the Legislature first established in Hong Kong?
  2. When was the earliest meeting of the Legislature?
  3. Who was the first President of the Legislature in the history of Hong Kong?
    Governor Henry Pottinger
  4. Who was the first Chinese Unofficial Member of the Legislature?
    Ng Choy (also known as Ng Ting-fang)
  5. Since which year have there been Member of the Legislature returned by direct elections?
  6. Which law stipulates that the Legislative Council shall be the Legislature of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?
    The Basic Law
  7. Who was the first female President of the Legislature?
    Mrs Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai
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Composition of the Legislative Council

  • Composition of the Legislative Council
  1. In which year does the term of office for Members of the Sixth Legislative Council begin?
  2. How many Members are there in the Sixth Legislative Council?
  3. How many geographical constituencies are there in the direct elections of the Legislative Council?
    Five (namely Hong Kong Island, Kowloon East, Kowloon West, New Territories East and New Territories West)
  4. What is the criterion for determining the number of seats for each of the geographical constituency, by which a total of 35 Legislative Council Members are returned?
    The population of each geographical constituency
  5. How many constituencies are there in the functional constituency elections of the Legislative Council? How many Legislative Council Members are returned by functional constituencies?
    35 Members are returned by 29 functional constituencies
  6. How is the President of the Legislative Council elected?
    By and from among Members of the Legislative Council
  7. Must Legislative Council membership be taken up on a full-time basis?
  8. Are Legislative Council Members remunerated?
    Yes. Click here for information on Members' monthly remuneration and reimbursable operating expenses.
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Powers, Functions and Duties of the Legislative Council

  • Powers, Functions and Duties of the Legislative Council
  1. Which Article of the Basic Law stipulates the powers and functions of the Legislative Council?
    Article 73
  2. Which two of the stated powers and functions are newly vested with the Legislative Council after Hong Kong's reunification with China?
    Endorsement of the appointment and removal of the judges of the Court of Final Appeal and the Chief Judge of the High Court; and to report a motion of impeachment passed against the Chief Executive to the Central People's Government
  3. What are the three major powers and functions of the Legislative Council?
    Enactment of laws; examination and approval of public expenditure; and monitoring the work of the Government
  4. Through what system does the Legislative Council perform its duties?
    Through a system of committees
  5. Who may introduce a bill into the Legislative Council?
    Public officers or Legislative Council Members
  6. What committees are responsible for considering the principles, merits and detailed provisions of bills?
    Bills Committees
  7. How many votes of the Members present are required for the passage of the motion moved by the Government?
    A majority vote of Members present
  8. What are the differences in the voting procedures for motions moved by Legislative Council Members?
    For motions moved by Legislative Council Members, the passage of a motion requires a majority vote of each of the following two groups of Members present: (i) Members returned by geographical constituencies through direct elections; and (ii) Members returned by functional constituencies
  9. What procedure must a bill go through in the Legislative Council before it can become a law?
    The three-reading procedure
  10. After the reunification, which Chinese political body should be reported to for laws enacted by the Legislative Council?
    The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
  11. What is the system through which Legislative Council Members receive and handle complaints from members of the public who are aggrieved by government actions or policies?
    The Legislative Council Redress System
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Meetings of the Council and its Committees

  • Meetings of the Council and its Committees
  1. On which day of the week does the Council normally meet?
  2. What business do Legislative Council Members conduct during Council meetings?
    Tabling of subsidiary legislation, other papers and reports; raising questions for which replies from the Government are required; scrutiny of bills; and motion debates
  3. What is the quorum of a Council meeting?
    Not less than one half of all Members, i.e. 35 Members
  4. What does the Chief Executive present at the Legislative Council every year?
    The Policy Address
  5. In addition to the above, does the Chief Executive attend other Council meetings?
    Yes, from time to time the Chief Executive attends Council meetings to address the Council, answer questions from Members and brief Members on policy issues.
  6. What does the Financial Secretary present at the Council in February every year?
    The Budget
  7. Which are the three standing committees under the Legislative Council?
    Finance Committee, Public Accounts Committee and Committee on Members' Interests
  8. How many panels are there under the Legislative Council?
    18, namely Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services, Panel on Commerce and Industry, Panel on Constitutional Affairs, Panel on Development, Panel on Economic Development, Panel on Education, Panel on Environmental Affairs, Panel on Financial Affairs, Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene, Panel on Health Services, Panel on Home Affairs, Panel on Housing, Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting, Panel on Manpower, Panel on Public Service, Panel on Security, Panel on Transport and Panel on Welfare Services
  9. Can members of the public observe the proceedings of open meetings of the Council and its committees?
  10. Where are members of the press and the public seated when they observe an open meeting of the Council?
    At the public gallery
  11. If I cannot observe an open meeting of the Council in person, are there other channels that can keep me informed on the proceedings of the meeting?
    Yes, you can visit the “Legislative Council Webcast” on the Legislative Council Website to view or listen to live and archived meeting webcast.
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The Legislative Council Complex

  • The Legislative Council Complex
  1. Where is the Legislative Council Complex located?
    The Legislative Council Complex is located at 1, Legislative Council Road, Central, Hong Kong
  2. What is the name of the road where the Legislative Council Complex is located?
    Legislative Council Road
  3. In which year did the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approve the budget for constructing the Legislative Council Complex?
  4. When was the Legislative Council Complex at Tamar commissioned to house the Legislature of Hong Kong?
  5. Is there any education service provided in the Legislative Council Complex?
    Yes. You may visit our education facilities and participate in education programmes for schools in the Legislative Council Complex.
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