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Members' concern for the well-being and welfare of the community may be reflected through questions asked at Council meetings. The questions are aimed at seeking information on Government actions or omissions on specific problems or incidents and on Government policies. They are also raised for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of the work of the Government.
Questions may be asked at any Council meeting except a meeting at which the Chief Executive delivers a Policy Address to the Council on the policies of the Government. No more than 22* questions, excluding urgent questions that may be permitted by the President, may be asked at any one meeting. Replies to questions may be given by designated public officers orally or in written form. For questions seeking oral replies, supplementary questions may be put by any Member when called upon by the President for the purpose of elucidating that answer. Where there is no debate on a motion with no legislative effect at a meeting, no more than 10 questions requiring oral replies may be asked; otherwise, no more than six questions may require an oral reply.
* The number of questions which may be asked at a Council meeting has been increased from 20 to 22 with effect from the meeting of 17 April 2013.