Statistics and highlights of cases


Between 1 October 2019 and 30 September 2020, the Public Complaints Office assisted Members in handling 3 929 cases. These comprised 90 group representations and 3 839 individual cases.
Highlights of cases concluded in the third quarter of 2021

A total of 611 cases handled under the Redress System were concluded in the third quarter of 2021. These included 15 cases involving deputations and 596 individual cases. Some of these cases are outlined below:

  1. A complainant expressed grave concern that new arrivals to Hong Kong, due to their unfamiliarity with the local situation, might face the risk of being evicted by mortgagees who had not consented to the lease of mortgaged real estates when they leased residential properties.

    Member took up the complainant's concern with the Administration. In response, the Administration advised that the information on the lease of mortgaged real estates was available on the websites of the Estate Agents Authority and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Yet, since new arrivals might not be aware of such, the Member urged the Administration to consider including such information in the Service Handbook for New Arrivals to facilitate new arrivals' reference and their making of informed decision before leasing residential properties. Upon the Member's repeated requests, the Administration undertook to include such information in the forthcoming edition of the Service Handbook for New Arrivals.

  2. A complainant sought Member's assistance on enhancing the pedestrian crossing facilities at On Sum Street, Shatin. According to the complainant, there were many heavy goods vehicles parked illegally at the said location during weekends and on public holidays, which blocked the sightline of pedestrians crossing the street and hence might give rise to traffic accidents. As such, the complainant called for improvement measures for the sake of pedestrian safety.

    In response to Member's referral of the complainant's concern, the Transport Department undertook to designate as soon as practicable a 24-hour no stopping restricted zone at the said location to deter illegal parking, thereby protecting pedestrian safety.