Exempted categories of documents and records of the Legislature

Documents and records which fall under the following exempted categories may not be made available for public inspection:
  1. documents or records the disclosure of which is prohibited by statute law or common law that applies to Hong Kong;
  2. documents or records relating to law enforcement, legal proceedings and legal professional privilege the disclosure of which would harm or prejudice the enforcement of law, the administration of justice, any legal proceedings being conducted or likely to be conducted or the parties concerned;
  3. documents or records held for or provided by any party under an explicit understanding that it would not be disclosed without the consent of that party;
  4. documents or records relating to individual complaint cases;
  5. documents or records relating to the Legislature and its committees authorized by the Legislature to exercise the powers under section 9(2) of the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance (Cap. 382) and investigation committees that are subject to review the premature disclosure of which would cause harm or damage to the parties concerned or impede the operation of such committees or later committees;
  6. documents or records relating to the on-going work of the Legislature and its committees, commercially sensitive information, research, statistics, data and planned publications the premature disclosure of which would be misleading, unfair or lead to improper gain or advantage;
  7. documents or records obtained or transferred in confidence between Members and the Secretariat; and
  8. documents or records the access to which would be detrimental to their preservation.