About the Archives

The Legislative Council ("LegCo") Archives, established in January 2012, is responsible for developing and implementing an integrated archives and records management programme for LegCo and providing archival services for LegCo Members, staff and the public.


Missions of the LegCo Archives are to select, acquire and preserve records of enduring value for access and use. The preserved records document the history, core functions and activities of LegCo as corporate memory of the Council, which also form part of the collective memory of Hong Kong.

To ensure that LegCo manages its records efficiently and effectively and that archival records are timely identified for preservation and access, the LegCo Archives is responsible for the development, implementation, review and improvement of an integrated archives and records management programme. Please see the Legislative Council Archives and Records Management Policy for details.

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The LegCo Archives offers the following archival services. Suggestions are welcome to improve the quality and scope of services within our policy mandate.

  • Reference

    The LegCo Archives offers guidance and assistance in identifying primary sources on topics relating to its holdings. Archives staff will brief users if it is their first visit to the LegCo Archives and offer guidance for searching, handling and using archival material. Given the resources available, Archives staff would not conduct research on users' behalf nor would data be created or collated for users where information does not already exist.

  • Access and Use

    For compliance with prevailing laws and institutional policy, some archival records may not be available for access and use. The security classification, access status and closure periods of archival records are given in CAROL. Please see Access to documents and records of the Legislature on the LegCo Website for details.

    • Open Records: Archival records that are open to the public can be reserved online in advance and can be viewed at the Reading Rooms of the LegCo Archives. If users are interested in consulting any open records found in CAROL, they would need to register online for a Reader's Account at the LegCo Archives.

    • Closed Records: Closed archival records of the Legislature and The Legislative Council Commission are subject to maximum records closure periods of 20 years for unclassified records and 50 years for classified records beyond which the records will be open to the public unless the disclosure is prohibited by law.

    • Access Requests: Before the maximum records closure periods are expired, closed records may be made available to the public by making an access to information request to the Access to Information Officer. Please see Making access requests on the LegCo Website for more information.

    • Reading Rooms: Archival records are viewed at the Reading Rooms of the LegCo Archives. Users must present valid identification (HKID Card or travel document) if requested and use the Reader's Account issued by the LegCo Archives to order archival records for viewing.

      Users are required to observe the Rules on Use of Services of the Legislative Council Archives which aim at providing a quiet and pleasant environment for research and study as well as ensuring proper handling of the valuable historical records for permanent preservation. Archival records are not available for checkout by the public due to preservation needs.

    • Making copies: Copies of records may be provided subject to the Copyright Ordinance and the Copyright Notice for Archival Documents and Records of the Legislature. Paid copies of archival records may be requested in person, by phone or email according to the fee schedule of the Legislative Council. If the copying order is more than 100 pages, a longer production time will be required.

      Exact fees must be paid at the time when the copies are collected.

    • Disclaimer and Copyright Notice and Privacy Policy

    • Citation: Citation of archival records from the LegCo Archives shall follow the Citation Rules.

      Citation of material from the LegCo Archives comprises three parts:
      1. Archival Institution (e.g. the Legislative Council Archives of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region);
      2. Record Series - the unique records number and title (e.g. LAS 4: Sessional Papers); and
      3. Record Item - as far as practicable the identifying number, title, date range and page number should be quoted (e.g. Legislative Council Archives of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, LAS 4/1/903, Sessional Papers: "Annual Report of the Director of Accounting Services and the Accounts of Hong Kong for the year ended 31 March 1990", p. 10).