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About the Library

The Legislative Council ("LegCo") Library is a custodian of the documentary records of LegCo. The Library occupies a total area of 860 m2 and has a collection of about 50 000 volumes of books and about 40 000 volumes of LegCo records. With over 50% of its collection on constitutional subjects, it positions itself as a constitutional library for Members, their staff and staff of the Legislative Council Secretariat. Members of the public are also welcome to visit the Library to inspect records of the Council and its committees as well as other Library holdings.


The mission of the Library is to provide Members, their staff and staff of the Legislative Council Secretariat, as well as members of the public, access to information that can facilitate understanding of the role, functions, work, people and history of LegCo, and the development of the constitutional systems in the Mainland and other places.

Services and facilities

The Library provides reference, lending and inter-library loan services for Members and staff. Audio visual facilities are also available in the Library premises for conducting seminars and workshops. Click here to login to the Library system.

The Library also opens to members of the public to view the Library collections. Workstations are available for access to the Library catalogue as well as specified electronic resources.

Library collections, databases and library publications

The Library's holding of 90 000 books and records are categorized under four distinct collections, namely LegCo Records Collection, Constitutional Collection, Basic Law Collection and General Collection.

The Library has also endeavoured to develop different databases to provide users with quick access to LegCo information. It also proactively sources and subscribes to a wide range of databases to keep Members abreast of the public sentiments in Hong Kong as well as of the constitutional, legal and social-economic issues and development in the Mainland and the rest of the world.

On the other hand, the Library prepares a New additions lists providing the synopsis of the books recently acquired. Besides, the Library produces three monthly publications entitled "Stay informed – Latest Mainland policy reports", "Stay informed – Latest overseas policy reports" and "Stay informed – Latest overseas parliamentary news" respectively. These publications aim to keep Members and staff informed of the latest policies, important legislative and financial proposals, major inquiry and audit reports of the Mainland Government and selected overseas places as well as the latest development in the rules and practices of overseas parliaments.