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Sixth Legislative Council *

The House Committee may allocate bills, except the Appropriation Bills and bills not referred to the House Committee by the Council, to Bills Committees for detailed scrutiny. All Members, other than the President, may join any Bills Committee. The Chairman of each Bills Committee is elected from among its members. Government officials and members of the public may be invited to attend its meetings.

A Bills Committee considers the general merits and principles of the bill concerned as well as its detailed provisions, and may consider any amendments relevant to the bill. It may also appoint subcommittees for the purpose of assisting in the performance of its functions. After a Bills Committee has completed scrutiny of a bill, it notifies the House Committee and advises the committee in writing of its deliberations. The Bills Committee must then report further to the Council. The Bills Committee is dissolved on the passage of the bill concerned or as decided by the House Committee.

The maximum number of active Bills Committees is limited to 16 at any one time. When more than 16 Bills Committees are formed, a queuing system is automatically activated.

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Position reports on Bills Committees

Position report as at 13 January 2021

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