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Sixth Legislative Council (2016 - 2020)

The Committee on Members' Interests examines the arrangements made for the compilation, maintenance and accessibility of the Register of Members' Interests; considers and investigates complaints made in relation to Members' registration and declaration of interests and their conduct concerning claims for the reimbursement of operating expenses or applications for advance of operating funds; considers matters of ethics in relation to Members' conduct in their capacity as such, and gives advice and issues guidelines on such matters, etc.

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Bullet Papers for House Committee

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Bullet Register of Members' Interests

Bullet Guidelines on Registration of Interests (September 2016)

Bullet Advisory Guidelines on Matters of Ethics in relation to the Conduct of Members of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in their capacity as such (June 2009)

Bullet Procedure of the Committee on Members' Interests for Handling Complaints (9 December 2014)

Bullet The relevant requirements for disclosure of pecuniary interest by Members and not voting or withdrawal in case of direct pecuniary interest (30 November 2012)

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