Colonial Period

Enact Laws

Approve Public Expenditure

Monitor the work of the Government

Legislative Council Today

As provided for in Article 73 of the Basic Law, LegCo of HKSAR exercises the following powers and functions:

  • To enact, amend or repeal laws in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Law and legal procedures;
  • To examine and approve budgets introduced by the government;
  • To approve taxation and public expenditure;
  • To receive and debate the policy addresses of the Chief Executive;
  • To raise questions on the work of the government;
  • To debate any issue concerning public interests;
  • To endorse the appointment and removal of the judges of the Court of Final Appeal and the Chief Judge of the High Court;
  • To receive and handle complaints from Hong Kong residents;
  • To report a motion of impeachment passed against the Chief Executive to the Central People's Government for decision; and
  • To summon, as required when exercising the above-mentioned powers and functions, persons concerned to testify or give evidence.

Members of the Legislative Council continue to perform the functions of LegCo through a committee system, as shown below: