Fourth Legislative Council (2008 - 2012)

The Legislative Council Commision was established by the Legislative Council Commission Ordinance (Cap. 443) and is a body corporate independent of the Government.

Chaired by the President of the Council, the Commision consists of up to 13 members including the Chairman.

The main functions of the Commission, as set out in section 9 of the Ordinance, are –

Bullet providing through the Secretariat administrative support and services to the Council;

Bullet providing office accommodation to Members of the Council and staff of the Secretariat;

Bullet supervising the operation of the Secretariat;

Bullet producing an official report of all proceeding in the Council and in any committee of the whole Council; and

Bullet performing such other duties as the Council may by resolution determine.

Powers of the Commision

As provided under section 10(1) of the Ordinance, the main powers of the Commission include –

Bullet determining the structure and functions of the Legislative Council Secretariat;

Bullet employing staff in the Secretariat, dismissing and disciplining such staff and determining their numbers, grading, duties, remuneration and other terms and conditions of service;

Bullet formulating and executing managerial and financial policies expedient to the performance of the Commission's functions;

Bullet preparing the annual estimates of income and expenditure and programme of activities of the Commission; and

Bullet receiving, expending and investing funds.

Bullet Membership

Bullet Reports

Bullet Briefings

Five committees have been appointed by the Commission to carry out certain delegated functions. These are:

  Bullet Committee on Personnel Matters, which deals with appointment and other personnel matters.

  Bullet Committee on Members' Operating Expenses, which advises on the processing of Members' operating expenses reimbursement claims.

  Bullet Committee on Facilities and Services, which oversees the provision of services, accommodation and facilities to the Council and the Secretariat.

  Bullet Committee on Art, which advises on matters relating to art in the new Legislative Council Complex.

  Bullet Committee on the Use of Legislative Council Square, which considers and approves applications for the use of the Legislative Council Square and imposes conditions of use where necessary.