The aim of these digital initiatives is to allow users to have quick access to information relating to the Legislative Council Members, legislative history of bills and the business conducted at Council meetings.

Members Database

The Members Database provides information on Members appointed/elected to the Council since the first Legislative Council in 1843. Information such as Member's name, gender, age, education and professional qualifications, method of selection, years of service in the Council, etc can be searched and retrieved from this Database.

Users can also download lists of Presidents of the Legislative Council since 1843 as well as the composition of the Legislative Council since 1998.

Members' Interests Database

Register of Members' Interest provides information on any pecuniary interest or other material benefit received by a Member, and that such interests might reasonably be thought by others to influence his or her actions, speeches or votes in LegCo, or actions taken in his or her capacity as a Member of LegCo. The Members' Interests Database provides members of the public direct access to individual Members' register by category of interests.

Bills Database

The Bills Database contains key dates and the amendment history of some 6 000 Bills considered by the Council since 1890. The Database keeps track of the passage of a Bill such as its gazette date, dates of the three readings, formation and report of the corresponding Bills Committee, if any, and its discussions in Council meetings.

Hansard Database

Hansard Database provides a one-stop search for users' easy retrieval of information on business conducted in Council meetings since the Fifth LegCo in 2012-2013. The Database allows both full text search and faceted search, such as search by agenda items, subjects, Members and Public Officers.

Rules Database

The Rules of Procedure are a set of written rules which governs how the Legislature conducts its day-to-day business and sets out the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of a Legislative Council Member. House Rules provide more detailed instructions on the conduct of business. This database aims to facilitate searching of records on amendments to individual rules.