Fifth Legislative Council (2012 - 2016)

Subcommittee on Issues Relating to Animal Welfare and Cruelty to Animals

Terms of Reference

To study issues relating to animal welfare and cruelty to animals, including -

(a)exploring measures to better prevent and combat acts of animal cruelty, such as setting up of "animal police" teams specially tasked to investigate cases of animal cruelty and reviewing existing legislation on prevention of cruelty to animals;

(b)examining the Government's efforts in the promotion of responsible pet ownership;

(c)examining relevant measures currently in place that regulate the safety of pet food, and considering the need of introducing a regulatory regime for the production and quality control of pet food products; and

(d)reviewing the Government's efforts in tackling the problem of stray dogs and cats with a view to reducing their numbers in the community.

and to put forward recommendations where necessary.