Panel on Education
Duty visit to Finland from 8 to 14 September 2019

The Legislative Council Panel on Education conducted a duty visit to Finland from 8 to 14 September 2019.

The purpose of the visit is for Members to obtain first-hand understanding on the education system in Finland, study how the Finnish approach to education has facilitated happy learning and multiple articulation pathways for students; and exchange views with the Finnish Government and relevant parties involved in the formulation and implementation of education policies.

The delegation is led by Hon IP Kin-yuen, Chairman of the Panel. Other members include the deputy leader Hon Vincent CHENG Wing-shun (Deputy Chairman of the Panel), Hon Michael TIEN Puk-sun, Dr Hon Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung, Hon CHAN Hoi-yan (Panel members), as well as Dr Hon Elizabeth QUAT and Hon Tony TSE Wai-chuen (non-Panel Members).

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