Delegation of the Legislative Council
Duty visit to the United Kingdom and Scottish Parliaments
from 10 to 14 September 2018

The delegation of the Legislative Council ("LegCo") is conducting a five-day parliamentary visit in London and Edinburgh from 10 to 14 September (London time).

The visit aims at establishing and reinforcing links with the UK and Scottish Parliaments as well as keeping their Members abreast of the latest developments in Hong Kong. The delegation will take this opportunity to understand how these legislatures deal with various procedural issues that arise frequently during meetings; to learn how the Scottish Parliament maintains relationship with its sovereign state while preserving autonomy under devolution; and to obtain first-hand information on issues relating to UK's exit from the European Union.

The delegation is led by Hon IP Kin-yuen. Other members of the delegation include the deputy leader Hon Kenneth LEUNG, Hon Charles Peter MOK, Hon CHUNG Kwok-pan, Hon Alvin YEUNG, Hon Andrew WAN Siu-kin, Dr Hon Junius HO Kwan-yiu, Hon LAM Cheuk-ting, Hon LUK Chung-hung and Hon AU Nok-hin.

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