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The LegCo archival holdings consist of original records and papers received or prepared by LegCo in discharging its functions, business and activities by written instruments, correspondence, reports, manuscripts, publications, audiovisual materials and other documentary materials in different physical formats. They also provide contextual information on policies, decisions and deliberations of public issues and may be of more interest to those who are conducting in-depth research. Selected records and papers from the Members of LegCo and private sources are also collected.

The earliest record preserved by the Archives dates back to 1858. At present the quantity of archival holdings adds up to more than 800 linear meters.

Current agenda, minutes and papers of meetings of the Council and its various committees, subcommittees and panels can be found on the LegCo Website as they are uploaded as soon as they are created or received. Many historical records, which are open to the public, have been digitized by the LegCo Library and made available also on the LegCo Website.

Organization of Archival Records

Catalogue for Archival Records of the Legislature (CAROL)

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