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Subject: Security

Paper No. Title Completion Date
IN25/12-13 Arrangements for the surrender of fugitive offenders between Hong Kong and the United States 18/6/2013
FS26/12-13 Mechanism for approval of duty visits outside Hong Kong and reimbursement of expenditure on official entertainment and souvenirs in the Civil Service 24/5/2013
FS09/12-13 A summary of press reports on measures to combat parallel trading activities (from 1 January 2011 to 5 November 2012) (Chinese version only) 5/11/2012
FS10/12-13 A summary of press reports on the incident concerning the testing of urine samples of rehabilitated offenders by the Correctional Services Department (from 1 January 2010 to 1 November 2012) (Chinese version only) 1/11/2012
IN15/11-12 Measures to tackle the problem of pregnant Mainland women giving birth in Hong Kong 6/3/2012
FS12/11-12 Independent authorities overseeing the conduct of interception of communications in selected jurisdictions 30/12/2011
FS05/11-12 Safety Standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency 5/12/2011
FS02/11-12 Handling of public meetings and public processions relating to the Central Government Complex 8/11/2011
RP05/10-11 Mechanisms for handling torture claims in selected jurisdictions 4/7/2011
IN09/10-11 Overview of mechanisms for handling torture claims in selected jurisdictions 7/4/2011
IN04/10-11 The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 17/1/2011
FS22/09-10 "Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation" - Current Development (Chinese version only) 13/5/2010
FS13/09-10 A summary of local press reports on Law Reform Commission Report entitled "Sexual offences records checks for child-related work: interim proposals" from 2 February to 1 March 2010 (Chinese version only) 2/3/2010
FS27/08-09 A summary of local press reports on the medical priority dispatch system for ambulance service from 2 June 2005 to 29 June 2009 (Chinese version only) 29/6/2009
IN12/08-09 The youth drug abuse problem in Hong Kong 23/4/2009
RP06/07-08 Parliamentary monitoring mechanism on intelligence agencies in selected places 30/5/2008
IN11/07-08 Independence of anti-corruption agencies in investigating corruption complaints against the head of state or head of government in selected places 14/4/2008
RP01/05-06 Prevention of Corruption and Impeachment of Head of State/Government in the United Kingdom, the United States and Korea 14/12/2005
RP02/04-05 Regulation of Interception of Communications in Selected Jurisdictions 2/2/2005
FS05/03-04 Measures to Combat Illegal Workers in Selected Jurisdictions 11/11/2003
IN19/02-03 Commissions of Inquiry 20/3/2003
IN10/02-03 Procedure for Applying Sedatives to Inmates 17/1/2003
IN01/02-03 Summary of Press Reports on Article 23 of the Basic Law (24 June 1997 to 24 September 2002) (Chinese version only) 16/10/2002
IN02/02-03 Summary of Press Reports on Article 23 of the Basic Law (25 September 2002 to 16 October 2002) (Chinese version only) 16/10/2002
IN24/01-02 Mechanism of Handling Complaints Against Police 19/4/2002
FS06/01-02 Policy on Installation of Closed Circuit Television Systems in Public Places: the United Kingdom 28/3/2002
RP03/01-02 Regulation of Public Meetings and Public Processions in San Francisco, New York and London 11/1/2002
IN03/01-02 24-hour Operation at Boundary Control Points 11/12/2001
IN02/01-02 Research Study on the Agreement between Hong Kong and the Mainland concerning Surrender of Fugitive Offenders: The Issue of Re-extradition 7/12/2001
RP05/00-01 Research Study on the Agreement between Hong Kong and the Mainland concerning Surrender of Fugitive Offenders 3/2001
RP03/96-97 Methadone Treatment Programmes in the United States 11/1996
RP15/95-96 Emergency Ambulance Services 6/1996
RP12/95-96 Methadone Treatment Programmes in Hong Kong and Selected Countries 3/1996
RP03/95-96 Parliamentary Monitoring Mechanism on Intelligence Agencies 10/1995
RP10/94-95 Power of Parliamentary Committees in Obtaining Information from the Executive 7/1995