The Legislative Council (the "LegCo") considers that Art is a significant part of a vibrant and dynamic international city like Hong Kong, and that it is important to acquire and install appropriate artworks in the LegCo Complex with a view to integrating the functional and aesthetic considerations in key spaces of the new Complex and enriching the cultural life of Hong Kong city and the public.

Suitable locations have been identified for building in or placing of original works of art in the LegCo Complex. Different modes of acquisition including open call for artwork proposals, direct purchase and commissioning and loan from Government museums are adopted for the Art Acquisition Project which started in 2009. In line with the art policy for the LegCo Complex, the art acquisition would have the following criteria:

  1. To reflect the dignity, solemnity, function and ideals of the Legislature;
  2. To enhance the environment of the Complex;
  3. To set an example for Hong Kong in making art a part of the everyday life of citizens;
  4. To help promote the strength and diversity of art and craft in Hong Kong; and
  5. To be in good condition, of acceptable professional standard, and of a scale, subject matter and character appropriate to the status of the Legislature.
Selected artworks on display in the LegCo Complex
The People
The People Installation by Cornelia Erdmann
A Recess in the Banks
A Recess in the Banks Ink on paper by Koon Wai-bong
Re-vitalizing Sculptural installation by Mok Yat-sun, Man Fung-yi
Mountains and Clouds
Mountains and Clouds Ink and colour on paper by Koo Mei
Huayuan Interactive digit projection by Simon Heijdens
Reflections 1

Reflections 2
Reflections Ink and colour on paper by CHO Kwok-ting
City Landscape Album
City Landscape Album Ink on paper by HUNG Hoi
Promises, Persist as Time Changes, Exist as Space Limits 1

Promises, Persist as Time Changes, Exist as Space Limits 2
Promises, Persist as Time Changes, Exist as Space Limits Ink and colour on paper by YEUNG Chung-nga
Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn Ink on paper by LEE Lai-fan