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The design of the LegCo Complex has incorporated all the obligatory requirements under the “Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008” issued by the Buildings Department. To meet with the community’s expectation, some enhancement items under the Manual have also been incorporated.

Following are some major barrier free design in the LegCo Complex:

  • Automatic sliding or swing doors and tactile paths are installed in all main entrances and areas accessible by the public.
  • Unobstructed space is provided for internal doors at public areas and common areas to enhance wheel chair accessibility.
  • Disabled toilets are available on every floor.
  • Some toilet cubicles are enlarged for easy maneuver of people with physical disabilities.
  • Wireless microphone and earphone are installed in some meeting rooms for wheelchair-bound people.
  • Audio sign system or touch activated audio signs are installed at key locations accessible by the public for people with visual impairment.
  • Equipment, such as CCTV magnifiers and Power Braille computer display units, are available in designated area/seats in meeting rooms for people with visual impairment.
Equipment for people with visual impairment
  • Designated parking spaces are reserved for visitors with disabilities. For parking arrangement, please visit “Visitors with disabilities”.
Public area in the LegCo Complex