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The LegCo Secretariat has commissioned a consultant to conduct a carbon audit for the LegCo Complex.

The audit aimed to study, review, account for and report on the greenhouse gas emissions in the Complex with a view to devising appropriate actions to reduce such emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Report

In April 2019, the LegCo Secretariat also commissioned a consultant to conduct a waste audit for the LegCo Complex.

The main objectives of the waste audit were to identify the amount and types of wastes generated in the LegCo Complex, review the level of correct segregation of waste, and identify areas where waste reduction can be improved.

Waste Audit Report

In 2019-2020, carbon emission and waste audits for the LegCo Complex were suspended due to the massive restoration works carried out in the Complex following the intrusion into the Complex on 1 and 2 July 2019, and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic since late January 2020. It is considered that the carbon emission and waste management performance in the Complex during these periods cannot reflect such performance when activities in the Complex are normal. The audits will be resumed in 2020-2021.