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The LegCo Complex is equipped with the state-of-the-art conference facilities, meeting the growing needs of the council business of LegCo.


The Chamber is the centre stage of the LegCo Complex. Occupying an area of 800m2 on the 1/F of the Council Block, it is the signature meeting venue where LegCo Members enact laws and discuss issues of public concern. While in session, the Council normally meets every Wednesday at 11 am in the Chamber. To meet the future expansion needs of the Council, the Chamber is built with an extendable seating capacity for up to 120 members.

Electronic voting system and Information Display System (IDS)

An electronic voting system is installed in the Chamber to facilitate Members’ voting during the meeting. Members’ desks are installed with an Information Display System (IDS). Apart from providing internet access and word processing applications, IDS also shows the live broadcast of meetings held in other conference rooms and press conference rooms, as well as information such as the latest voting results, and the number and name of Members waiting to speak.

Peripheral facilities of the Chamber include simultaneous interpretation booths for interpreters to provide interpretation service. TV/Radio Rooms to facilitate media coverage of the Council proceedings, and a Public/Press Gallery for members of the public and reporters to observe the proceedings of the meetings.


During the meeting, the LegCo President sits on the President Chair on the President Podium in the middle of the front of the Chamber to preside over the meeting. The Clerk to the Council sits next to the President to provide assistance throughout the meeting. Other Members sit on the left and in front of the President while Government officials sit on the right of the President.

Conference Rooms

The LegCo Complex has a total of five Conference Rooms located on two floors in the Council Block, namely Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2, Conference Room 3, Conference Room 4 and Conference Room 5. Each Conference Room has a varying seating capacity and seating arrangement to cater for the needs of different committee meetings of the Council.

Conference Rooms 1 to 4 are furnished with Public/Press Galleries which allow the public and the press to observe the proceedings of the open meetings held inside the room, whereas Conference Room 5 is designated for meeting with guests, such as overseas parliamentarians.

Conference Room 1 Conference Room 1
Conference Room 4 Conference Room 4
Conference Room 2A

Conference Room 2 can be partitioned into two smaller conference rooms, namely 2A (as shown in photo) and 2B, to allow flexible use of the conference facilities by the Council.

Public/Press Galleries

Public Galleries are built at the upper level of the meeting areas for the public and the press to observe the proceedings of all Council meetings and open meetings of committees. The public are welcome to reserve a seat at the Public Galleries. All seats of the Public/Press Galleries are equipped with headphones for simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings which is available for all meetings.