Poverty – Hong Kong

Paper no.TitlePublication date
IN06/2022 Poverty reduction targets in Ireland and Canada 2022.09.30
IN15/20-21 Fiscal redistribution policies for fostering social harmony in selected places 2021.06.29
RB02/20-21 Socioeconomic implications of home ownership for Hong Kong 2021.03.01
RB02/18-19 Opportunities and challenges facing maternal workforce in Hong Kong 2019.07.16
FS08/16-17 Poverty of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong 2017.06.08
ISE08/16-17 Digital inclusion in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom 2017.01.23
ISE05/16-17 Social enterprises in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom 2016.11.14
ISE17/14-15 Minimum wage and protection of elementary workers 2015.07.14
IN08/12-13 Poverty alleviation policy for the needy elders in Hong Kong 2013.01.18
IN05/12-13 Commission on Poverty 2012.11.21
RN06/10-11 Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme (Chinese version only) 2010.11.05
RN07/10-11 Reviewing the coverage of the safety net (Chinese version only) 2010.11.12
RN10/10-11 Alleviating the disparity between the rich and the poor (Chinese version only) 2010.11.19
RN16/10-11 Urging the Government to take measures for ameliorating inflation and alleviating people's livelihood pressure (Chinese version only) 2010.12.31
IN18/05-06 Income Shortfall of a Low-Income Non-Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Household Living in a Private Domestic Unit 2006.03.08
RP07/04-05 Benchmarks for Granting Subsidies or Financial Assistance to People in Need in Hong Kong

This research studies benchmarks adopted by various government departments and public bodies in Hong Kong in granting subsidies or financial assistance to people in need in the community. It discusses the means-tested schemes in the four major policy areas for people in need in Hong Kong, namely the social security schemes, the student financial assistance schemes, the medical fee waiver mechanism and the Rent Assistance Scheme. Some relevant non-means-tested schemes involving substantial government expenditure are also covered.
IN22/04-05 The Situation of Poverty in Hong Kong 2005.02.22
IN16/04-05 Causes of Poverty in Hong Kong: A Literature Review 2005.01.10
FS07/04-05 Gini Coefficient 2004.12.06
IN2/98-99 Profile of Employed Persons Who Earned Less Than HK$8,000 a Month 1999.07.15
RP07/PLC The Measurement of Poverty

This research studies the experience of constructing the poverty line in an international context, covering international organizations and overseas communities in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, and discusses the studies conducted in Hong Kong on poverty measurement.
RP20/95-96 Income and Expenditure Patterns of Low Income Households in Hong Kong

This research analyses the methodology employed by the Government in reviewing the standard assistance rate including the Basic Needs approach and the Household Expenditure Survey approach. It also examines the spending patterns of low income non-Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Families.