Sixth Legislative Council *

BulletYear 2020 - 2021
BulletYear 2019 - 2020
BulletYear 2018 - 2019
BulletYear 2017 - 2018
BulletYear 2016 - 2017

Year 2020 - 2021

Paper No.TitlePublication Date
ISSH08/20-21 Building management in Hong Kong 2020.11.23
ISSH07/20-21 Public toilet facilities and services 2020.11.23
ISSH06/20-21 Vacant government land 2020.11.17
ISSH05/20-21 Support for carers 2020.11.17
ISSH04/20-21 Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect 2020.10.29
ISSH03/20-21 Noise pollution in Hong Kong 2020.10.29
ISSH02/20-21 Occupational injuries in the construction sector 2020.10.27
ISSH01/20-21 Sexual offences in Hong Kong 2020.10.27

Year 2019 - 2020

Paper No.TitlePublication Date
ISSH36/19-20 Pest Control 2020.07.10
ISSH35/19-20 Residential mortgage 2020.07.10
ISSH34/19-20 E-commerce in Hong Kong 2020.07.08
ISSH33/19-20 Educational support for non-Chinese speaking students 2020.07.08
ISSH32/19-20 Four pillar industries in Hong Kong 2020.07.03
ISSH31/19-20 Football development in Hong Kong 2020.07.03
ISSH30/19-20 Preventive healthcare services 2020.06.30
ISSH29/19-20 Anti-corruption in Hong Kong 2020.06.22
ISSH28/19-20 Transitional housing for the inadequately housed 2020.06.18
ISSH27/19-20 Foreign/Mainland companies setting up offices in Hong Kong 2020.06.05
ISSH26/19-20 COVID-19 and unemployment assistance 2020.06.02
ISSH25/19-20 Social security schemes for the elderly 2020.05.04
ISSH24/19-20 Equal opportunities and disability discrimination 2020.04.15
ISSH23/19-20 Manpower in Judiciary 2020.04.07
ISSH22/19-20 Public light buses in Hong Kong 2020.04.01
ISSH21/19-20 Family-friendly policies for civil servants 2020.03.05
ISSH20/19-20 Climate change and carbon emissions in Hong Kong 2020.03.02
ISSH19/19-20 Working Family Allowance Scheme 2020.02.26
ISSH18/19-20 Urban unauthorised building works in Hong Kong 2020.02.20
ISSH17/19-20 Emergence of new electronic payment services 2020.01.09
ISSH16/19-20 Housing assistance for young people 2020.01.09
ISSH15/19-20 Social media usage in Hong Kong 2019.12.12
ISSH14/19-20 Public primary care services 2019.12.03
ISSH13/19-20 Intellectual property trading 2019.11.29
ISSH12/19-20 Gambling in Hong Kong 2019.11.22
ISSH11/19-20 Financial assistance for post-secondary students 2019.11.19
ISSH10/19-20 Recruitment and turnover of civil servants 2019.11.11
ISSH09/19-20 Water seepage in buildings 2019.11.11
ISSH08/19-20 Fisheries in Hong Kong 2019.11.08
ISSH07/19-20 Air cargo industry in Hong Kong 2019.11.08
ISSH06/19-20 Working hours in Hong Kong 2019.11.08
ISSH05/19-20 Land-based cross boundary passenger trips 2019.11.01
ISSH04/19-20 Mediation services in Hong Kong 2019.10.29
ISSH03/19-20 Water quality in Hong Kong 2019.10.29
ISSH02/19-20 District Council Elections 2019.10.25
ISSH01/19-20 Fire safety of mini-storage facilities 2019.10.17

Year 2018 - 2019

Paper No.TitlePublication Date
ISSH36/18-19 Extension of the service of civil servants 2019.10.02
ISSH35/18-19 Hospital Authority Drug Formulary 2019.10.02
ISSH34/18-19 Voter Registration for geographical constituencies 2019.09.26
ISSH33/18-19 Start-ups in Hong Kong 2019.09.19
ISSH32/18-19 Innovation and technology development 2019.09.12
ISSH31/18-19 Public rental housing 2019.09.04
ISSH30/18-19 Industrial buildings in Hong Kong 2019.08.16
ISSH29/18-19 Supplementary Labour Scheme 2019.08.16
ISSH28/18-19 Drug abuse in Hong Kong 2019.05.31
ISSH27/18-19 Legal aid for criminal proceedings in Hong Kong 2019.05.31
ISSH26/18-19 Insurance industry in Hong Kong 2019.05.10
ISSH25/18-19 Agriculture sector in Hong Kong 2019.04.30
ISSH24/18-19 Community and elite sports in Hong Kong 2019.04.17
ISSH23/18-19 Cruise tourism in Hong Kong 2019.02.22
ISSH22/18-19 Special educational needs 2019.02.19
ISSH21/18-19 Child protection 2019.02.19
ISSH20/18-19 Municipal solid waste and food waste recovery 2019.02.12
ISSH19/18-19 Performance of Hongkong Post 2019.02.08
ISSH18/18-19 Creative industries in Hong Kong 2019.02.08
ISSH17/18-19 Street sleepers in Hong Kong 2019.01.23
ISSH16/18-19 Publicly-funded higher education 2019.01.23
ISSH15/18-19 Financial provisions for work related to management of the civil service 2019.01.21
ISSH14/18-19 Taxi services in Hong Kong 2018.12.27
ISSH13/18-19 Subsidized sale flats 2018.12.12
ISSH12/18-19 Franchised buses in Hong Kong 2018.12.07
ISSH11/18-19 Judicial review and non-refoulement claims 2018.12.05
ISSH10/18-19 Education challenges faced by South Asians 2018.11.28
ISSH09/18-19 Animal welfare and management 2018.11.23
ISSH08/18-19 Equal opportunities and sex discrimination 2018.11.21
ISSH07/18-19 Construction industry in Hong Kong 2018.11.21
ISSH06/18-19 Air pollution in Hong Kong 2018.11.21
ISSH05/18-19 Healthcare workforce 2018.11.02
ISSH04/18-19 Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme 2018.11.02
ISSH03/18-19 Handling of non-refoulement claims 2018.10.23
ISSH02/18-19 Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong 2018.10.23
ISSH01/18-19 Hong Kong's convention and exhibition sector 2018.10.18

Year 2017 - 2018

Paper No.TitlePublication Date
ISSH36/17-18 Local enforcement against money laundering 2018.07.25
ISSH35/17-18 Legal aid for civil proceedings in Hong Kong 2018.07.25
ISSH34/17-18 Training and development for civil servants 2018.07.09
ISSH33/17-18 Pre-primary education in Hong Kong 2018.06.28
ISSH32/17-18 Subdivided units in Hong Kong 2018.06.26
ISSH31/17-18 Columbarium facilities in Hong Kong 2018.06.26
ISSH30/17-18 International schools in Hong Kong 2018.06.19
ISSH29/17-18 Protection and breach of personal data 2018.06.14
ISSH28/17-18 Small and medium enterprises 2018.06.08
ISSH27/17-18 Tourism in Hong Kong 2018.06.04
ISSH26/17-18 Digital inclusion in Hong Kong 2018.06.04
ISSH25/17-18 Trade relations between Hong Kong and the Mainland 2018.05.21
ISSH24/17-18 Mandatory Provident Fund and offsetting mechanism 2018.05.21
ISSH23/17-18 Logistics industry in Hong Kong 2018.05.10
ISSH22/17-18 Land supply and utilization in Hong Kong 2018.04.30
ISSH21/17-18 Elderly Health Service 2018.04.30
ISSH20/17-18 Occupational injuries and employees' compensation 2018.04.16
ISSH19/17-18 Municipal solid waste and paper recycling 2018.04.16
ISSH18/17-18 Livelihood of new arrivals from the Mainland 2018.03.23
ISSH17/17-18 Hong Kong as an international arbitration centre 2018.03.23
ISSH16/17-18 CSSA Scheme and rent allowance 2018.03.23
ISSH15/17-18 Offshore Renminbi Business in Hong Kong 2018.02.28
ISSH14/17-18 Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme 2018.02.27
ISSH13/17-18 Crime and telephone deception 2018.02.27
ISSH12/17-18 Housing affordability 2018.02.07
ISSH11/17-18 Parking spaces in Hong Kong 2018.01.26
ISSH10/17-18 Non-civil service contract staff 2018.01.26
ISSH09/17-18 Code on access to information 2018.01.26
ISSH08/17-18 Water consumption and supply 2017.12.20
ISSH07/17-18 MTR train service performance 2017.12.20
ISSH06/17-18 Cyber security in Hong Kong 2017.12.20
ISSH05/17-18 Hawker control in Hong Kong 2017.12.01
ISSH04/17-18 Rehabilitation services for intellectually disabled persons 2017.11.17
ISSH03/17-18 Donations to charities in Hong Kong 2017.11.17
ISSH02/17-18 Youth employment 2017.10.31
ISSH01/17-18 Plastic waste 2017.10.31

Year 2016 - 2017

Paper No.TitlePublication Date
ISSH36/16-17 Public markets 2017.09.27
ISSH35/16-17 Employment of persons with disabilities in the civil service 2017.09.27
ISSH34/16-17 Mandatory Provident Fund System 2017.08.18
ISSH33/16-17 Lift and escalator safety 2017.08.18
ISSH32/16-17 Hong Kong's cultural and creative industries 2017.08.18
ISSH31/16-17 Newly arrived pupils from the Mainland 2017.07.28
ISSH30/16-17 Regulation on unsolicited messages and calls 2017.06.26
ISSH29/16-17 Mental health services 2017.06.26
ISSH28/16-17 Fire safety 2017.06.23
ISSH27/16-17 Equal opportunities 2017.06.23
ISSH26/16-17 Occupational injuries in Hong Kong 2017.05.04
ISSH25/16-17 Port of Hong Kong 2017.04.26
ISSH24/16-17 Judicial review 2017.04.26
ISSH23/16-17 Road harbour crossings 2017.03.22
ISSH22/16-17 Residential care services for the elderly 2017.03.14
ISSH21/16-17 Greenhouse gas emissions of Hong Kong 2017.03.14
ISSH20/16-17 New arrivals from the Mainland 2017.02.23
ISSH19/16-17 Private housing 2017.01.26
ISSH18/16-17 Hong Kong as an international financial centre 2016.12.23
ISSH17/16-17 Columbarium facilities in Hong Kong 2016.12.23
ISSH16/16-17 Attractiveness of civil service jobs 2016.12.23
ISSH15/16-17 Sports development 2016.12.15
ISSH14/16-17 Legal aid 2016.12.15
ISSH13/16-17 Crime and police 2016.12.15
ISSH12/16-17 Personal data protection 2016.11.25
ISSH11/16-17 Education expenditure in Hong Kong 2016.11.25
ISSH10/16-17 Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme 2016.11.25
ISSH09/16-17 Public housing 2016.11.22
ISSH08/16-17 Municipal solid waste 2016.11.22
ISSH07/16-17 Cyber security in Hong Kong 2016.11.22
ISSH06/16-17 Public transport 2016.10.28
ISSH05/16-17 Elderly employment 2016.10.28
ISSH04/16-17 Land utilization in Hong Kong 2016.10.24
ISSH03/16-17 Health expenditure in Hong Kong 2016.10.24
ISSH02/16-17 Tourism in Hong Kong 2016.10.24
ISSH01/16-17 Hong Kong's economic structure 2016.10.24