LegCo Panel on Security

Special meeting on
Saturday, 10 February 2001 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


*I To receive public views on the issues raised and recommendations made in the Report of the Inter-departmental Working Group on Computer Related Crime
(9:00 am - 11:55 am)

Report of Interdepartmental Working Group on Computer Related Crime and Legislative Council Brief issued by the Security Bureau on 30.11.2000 (Ref: SBCR 14/3231/88 Pt. 14)

Revised list of deputations/individuals

  1. The Law Society of Hong Kong
    submission to follow

  2. Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association
    LC Paper No. CB(2)811/00-01(01) - submission (issued on 6.2.2001)

  3. The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Hong Kong Section (Computer Chapter)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)828/00-01(01) - submission

  4. Hong Kong Computer Society
    LC Paper No. CB(2)811/00-01(02) - submission (issued on 6.2.2001)

  5. International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong Group)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)811/00-01(03) - submission (issued on 6.2.2001)

  6. Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
    submission to follow

  7. Hong Kong Society of Accountants and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (Hong Kong Chapter)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)828/00-01(02) - joint submission

  8. Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Information Technology Division)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)828/00-01(03) - submission

  9. Webmasters (Hong Kong) Association
    LC Paper No. CB(2)811/00-01(04) - submission (issued on 6.2.2001)

  10. Mr Wanbil LEE
    submission to follow

  11. Information Security and Forensic Society
    LC Paper No. CB(2)828/00-01(04) - submission

II Any other business
(11:55 am - 12:00 noon)

* All other Hon Members of LegCo are invited to attend

Legislative Council Secretariat
8 February 2001