Bills Committee on
Boundary Facilities Improvement Tax Bill

Second Meeting on
Wednesday, 24 September 2003, at 9:00 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Revised Agenda

I.Confirmation of minutes of meeting
(9:00 am - 9:05 am)

LC Paper No.

Minutes of meeting on 2 July 2003

CB(1)2248/02-03(issued on 23 July 2003)

II.Briefing by the Administration on Boundary Facilities Improvement Projects
(9:05 am - 9:20 am)

Deputations are also invited to attend this item.

III.Meeting with deputations and the Administration
(9:20 am - 11:30 am)

Organizations attending the meeting and their written submissions

OrganizationsLC Paper No.

1.Conning Shipping Limited


2.Miramar Hotel & Investment Company Limited


3.Barwil Agencies Limited


4.Organization of Hong Kong Drivers


5.Lok Ma Chau China-Hong Kong Freight Association

CB(1)2470/02-03 (01)(Chinese version only)

6.Hong Kong Container Drayage Services Association Limited


7.Associated Tourist Coach Limited


8.Hong Kong Wing Shun Transportation & Trading Company


9.Hoi Tai Tours Limited


10.Dalia Tour Agency Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (02)(Chinese version only)


CB(1)2470/02-03 (03)(Chinese version only)

12.Hong Kong Guangdong Boundary Crossing Bus Association


13.Public Omnibus Operators Association Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (04)(Chinese version only)

14.Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

CB(1)2470/02-03 (05)

15.The Sino-Hong Kong Private Cars' Rights Association

CB(1)2470/02-03 (06)(Chinese version only)

Written submissions from organizations/individuals not attending the meeting

Organizations/individualsLC Paper No.

Mr LI Chun-wah

CB(1)2470/02-03 (07)(English version only)

Star Cruises (Hong Kong) Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (08)(English version only)

Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association

CB(1)2470/02-03 (09)(English version only)

East Pacific (Holdings) Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (10)

Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (11)(Chinese version only)

The Goods Vehicle Fleet Owners Association Limited

CB(1)2470/02-03 (12)(English version only)

Federation of Hong Kong Industries

CB(1)2470/02-03 (13)(English version only)

Other relevant papers

LC Paper No.

Summary of deputations' views and the Administration's response

CB(1)2505/02-03 (02)

IV.Meeting with the Administration
(11:30 am - 12:00 noon)

LC Paper No.

List of follow-up actions to be taken bythe Administration pursuant to the discussion on 2 July 2003

CB(1)2470/02-03 (15)

Administration's response to the issues arising from the discussion on 2 July 2003

CB(1)2470/02-03 (16)

V.Any other business
(12:00 noon onwards)

(A list of other relevant papers previously issued is in the Appendix)

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
23 September 2003

Appendix to Agenda

List of other relevant papers issued previously

PapersPaper No./Ref.

Bill gazetted on 6 June 2003

LC Paper No.CB(3) 709/02-03(issued on 9 June 2003)

Legislative Council Brief

File Ref : FIN CR 1/2310/99(issued by the Financial Services andthe Treasury Bureau in June 2003)

Legal Service Division Report

LC Paper No. LS125/02-03(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2) 2458/02-03 dated 12 June 2003)

Background brief

LC Paper No. CB(1) 2114/02-03(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(1) 2113/02-03 dated 30 June 2003)

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
23 September 2003