The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 4 Penetration of Different Broadcasting Services

The total number of households in Hong Kong was 2.227 million as at August 20044. There were 2.195 million television households5 and 6.6 million viewers (aged 4 or above)6 in Hong Kong who were receiving free-to-air television, representing a penetration rate7 of about 99%.

The total number of subscribers to licensed pay television services continued to rise, due to the launch of new services by PCCW Media and Galaxy in September 2003 and February 2004 respectively. The penetration of the licensed domestic pay television services in term of the aggregate subscribers was 44.5% of the total households as at end of August 2004.

The year 2003-2004 saw a significant increase in the number of total subscribers to the licensed pay television services (990,000)8. The changes in total subscribers from 2000 to 2004 are shown in figure 11.

Figure 10 :  Penetration of Licensed Television Services in Hong Kong 8


Figure 11 :  Subscribers to Licensed Pay Television Services in Hong Kong


4Source : Census and Statistics Department.
5Source: Nielsen Media Research. "Television households" means the number of households with at least a TV set in working order or one not in working order but will be repaired in 7 days.
6Source: Nielsen Media Research.
7"Penetration" means the percentages of the total households in Hong Kong receiving domestic free TV, subscribing to pay TV or having access to non-domestic TV services via SMATV receiving systems.
8The total number of subscribers include multiple counts as some have subscribed to more than one service.


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