Bills Committee on Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Bill



  • An extract from the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (Cap. 480) [CB(2)1112/06-07(01)] (14 February 2007)

  • Letter dated 15 March 2007 from Dr Hon Fernando CHEUNG to the Administration (Chinese version only) [CB(2)1348/06-07(01)] (27 March 2007)

  • Letter dated 14 March 2006 from Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung on the Qualifications Framework and related quality assurance work (Chinese version only) [CB(2)1395/05-06(01)] (17 March 2006)

  • List of concerns and queries raised by Hon Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung on the Bill (Chinese version only) [CB(2)1374/05-06(04)] (17 March 2006)