The LegCo Reporter
Issue No. 21 (26 May 2005)

At its meeting on 25 May 2005, the Legislative Council passed the following two bills:

(1)Chief Executive Election (Amendment) (Term of Office of the Chief Executive) Bill.

(2)Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (Merger) Bill.

At the same meeting, the Council passed the following resolution:

The following motion with no legislative effect was also passed by the Council:

    Motion on "Regulating the handling of electronic wastes and promoting the electronic waste recycling industry", moved by Hon KWONG Chi-kin as amended by Hon Tommy CHEUNG Yu-yan

    "That this Council urges the Government to amend the legislation relating to the regulation of the disposal as well as the import and export of electronic wastes, and to step up law enforcement in order to eliminate the environmental hazards posed by electronic wastes to Hong Kong and other places; at the same time, the Government should implement a comprehensive responsibility scheme encompassing the producers, importers and users, and establish a comprehensive and effective recycling system to promote the recycling of electronic wastes, with a view to creating employment opportunities."