The LegCo Reporter
Issue No. 25 (23 June 2005)

At its meeting on 22 June 2005, the Legislative Council passed the following two motions with no legislative effect:

(1)Motion on "Enhancing the quality of early childhood education", moved by Hon CHEUNG Man-kwong

"That, as the Government is actively carrying out the integration of early childhood education ('ECE'), which includes the harmonisation of teacher qualifications and the regulatory guidelines for kindergartens and nurseries, with a view to achieving quality ECE in a progressive manner, this Council urges the Government to make use of the opportunity to improve the quality of ECE, increase subsidized training places for in-service kindergarten teachers ('KG teachers') and fully upgrade the qualifications of KG teachers to diploma level, so as to help them meet the basic academic qualifications required of KG teachers in advanced countries and to lay a foundation for upgrading the qualifications of KG teachers to degree level; furthermore, in order to avoid wastage of qualified KG teachers, the Government should formulate a pay scale for teachers with diploma or degree in ECE, and provide additional grants to ECE organizations if the number of their diploma or degree teachers reaches a specified proportion, so as to encourage and assist these organizations in upgrading the qualifications of their teachers without having to keep on increasing their school fees; in the long run, the Administration should consider integrating ECE into subsidized education, and should continuously enhance the quality of ECE to meet the expectations of the community for improving ECE."

(2)Motion on "Expectations for the new Chief Executive", moved by Hon Martin LEE Chu-ming as amended by Hon Howard YOUNG and further amended by Hon TAM Yiu-chung

"That, as the new Chief Executive has been elected, this Council urges him to carefully consider the recommendations and expectations of this Council in relation to policies regarding the development of Hong Kong's economy, democracy, human rights, rule of law and people's livelihood, etc, and that he must:
(a)strictly adhere to the principle of 'one country, two systems', uphold national unity, and be fully committed to implementing the Basic Law and the principle of 'Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong' with 'a high degree of autonomy';
(b)strive to uphold and develop the spirit of the rule of law in Hong Kong, ensure equality before the law, and safeguard the human rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people in accordance with the law;
(c)unite all strata of the community to foster social stability and harmony, endeavour to improve the standard of governance, and promote the constitutional development in Hong Kong;
(d)persevere in the 'people-oriented' spirit, strive for improvement to people's livelihood, and raise the standard of living for the community; and
(e)exert all efforts to promote co-operation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, enhance public understanding of the motherland, and open up a new phase of political mutual trust, reciprocal economic benefits and cultural exchanges."